I want to start this weeks blog by thanking people for their comments and feedback last week. I didn’t realise how depressing my blog probably sounded to you all. I didn’t intend for it to be quite like that, but I write my blog by basically allowing all my thoughts to just spill out onto the keyboard and into my blog. I suppose what people made me realise is that I have to stop rushing ahead. I have actually had a lot happen in a short space of time and I need to appreciate that more and not expect things to happen straight away.  I suppose my fear is that I have missed out on a lot and I am trying to make up for lost time instead of taking my time and going with the flow and it makes me look too intense and full on and that is probably a bit scary for people. I am also used to planning things. I like to know what I am doing, why and when etc. When it comes to meeting people this is something no one can control or plan it will just happen so I have to just see what happens.

This week I met up with some friends for a drink and a catch up. This is always good and it was good evening but I was surprised (in a good way) when we broke with our normal routine and went to a local gay friendly bar. This is the first time I have done this with this group of friends and it was good to do. I think they had planned this in advance which they sort of deny (I know them too well), but that doesn’t matter I appreciated it a lot and it was a good night although I suddenly felt quite old as I was thinking the music is a bit loud and I probably need to improve my trendyness as well as very few people my age (When did I get so old? Don’t answer that).  So I want to take this opportunity to thank those friends for a good night it helped a great deal.

In last weeks blog  mentioned that I appeared to have survived the Great North Run without any injury. Talk about speaking too soon. My ankle has started aching and I think it is just a bad sprain. Its nothing bad but I have bought a little ankle support to help a bit. Anyway I am still pleased to have done it and I am sorry if I have bored people with the story too much. I think I am still in shock that I actually completed it.

In other news this week after a long long time waiting and many many tweets to the boss of Starbucks UK,  Starbucks has finally arrived in Durham. This means I have access to daily Starbucks coffee. This is good news and after having such a busy and stressful week at work this is a welcome arrival. However this does bring a dilemma. Up until now I have been getting my coffee at Costa Coffee at the train station. I am so regular that they now just see me walking along and they make my coffee before I have even queued up. This is great service and I have nothing against the staff or the company but it puts me in a dilemma now. Do I stop getting coffee from Costa and just get my coffee from Starbucks which is actually cheaper or do I stay faithful to them because I feel guilty just walking past knowing they have probably made my coffee. I just don’t know what to do for the best. I feel like I am cheating on Costa behind their back. I know I have brought it on myself but I never asked for such a high level of customer service. All suggestions to this problem are welcome except for not having coffee because that is just stupid and also not good for the welfare of my work colleagues.

Many of you might not understand my obsession with coffee shops. Why do I enjoy them so much? Well I suppose if I think about it I do it because it is a lifestyle choice. That sounds terribly vain but we all do things because of this reason. Whether that is going to high-class restaurants eading high brow books, wearing certain types of clothing. We all do it and we do it because it is something that appeals to us all. I enjoy coffee shops obviously for the coffee, the smell and the taste (my bad habit from uni along with supporting Sunderland AFC), but I enjoy the experience, the unique language, the branding, people watching and finally just having some special  ‘me time’. there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a coffee shop with your favourite coffee and a croissant while reading a book. For those 15 – 30 minutes you can forget the rest of world and all your cares and worries. So that is why it is important too me and why I enjoy it.

Well that is it for this week. I am expecting another busy week which will involve keeping an eye on Captain Jack Sparrow in the library. I will explain all next week.

Top TV programme of the week : Strictly Come Dancing

Top song of the week: Glee Cast – Get It Right

Book I am currently reading: Dark Fire by C .J. Sansom