This week has been busy and stressful and this weekend has been one of two halves and the fact that I am writing this blog is a miracle in itself.

As predicted work has been very busy and quite stressful. One of the things I was involved in this week was Freshers Fayre. This is where students usually go to either get freebies or sign up to the uni clubs and societies. I was there with others promoting the library and handing out freebies. Although it was busy it was good to do and nice to have the interaction with the students. Our stall was situated between the Navy and the RAF, and we had a life size cut out of  Captain Jack Sparrow on our stall as we were promoting a tresure hunt in the library, what more could I want.

As the week has gone on my stress levels seemed to increase so I was glad when the weekend finally arrived. On Saturday I went to York for the day with some friends from work. The plan was to shop and go to Betty’s Tearooms. Despite the miserable drizzly weather we all had a good time. If you have never been to Betty’s Tearooms then I suggest you go at some point. It is a traditional tea room and you have great service and the Afternoon Tea (which you can have anytime of the day) is amazing. It consists of finger sandwiches, a scone with clotted cream and jam and three small cakes. It is expensive but is perfext for a treat now and again. After such a busy week I certainly needed it.  I enjoy going to York.It is such a great historical city and nice to wander around. It was also good to spend some time with my friends from work. We haven’t done anything for a while and it was just what we all needed.

So it all sounds like the ideal weekend. I would agree however disaster has struck today. For those of you who know me well, you will know I am an Apple fan.  so today as normal I went to switch my Macbook on and nothing happened. It has power but still nothing. There is also a funny smell from the port where I connect the power cable. This is not looking good and have booked an apointment with the people at Apple in Newcastle a the Gnius Bar to see if they can identify the problem.  so the fact that I am typing this blog is a miracle. I am using my parents laptop to do it. If anyone has any advice then let me know.  Hopefully I can sort it out as all my iTunes and stuff is on there. I am hoping this is just a bad dream but sadly not. Anyway thats all for now.


Top TV programme of the week : QI

Top song of the week: Cast of Annie – Hard Knock Life

Book I am currently reading: Dark Fire by C .J. Sansom