To say the last week has been a bad week is an understatement. As you may have guessed from last weeks blog things seemed to be going wrong and that continued into the week. I hate feeling like this and I have managed to start being more positive. I even had a massive rant at work which is not something I usually do. So sorry to anyone I may have offended.

In last weeks blog I mentioned that my MacBook had died on me. This is any Apple users nightmare. Apple users are very passionate about Apple products. They genuinely love them (almost like family) so when they don’t work it is always a bad day.  So I made an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Newcastle. I have been in the Apple store many times but usually just looking at all the nice products. This time I was going to have my first genius bar experience. I had heard a lot about the high level of customer service and I have to admit this was what I got. As I sat waiting for my appointment I was watching other people get served. All of the people received great service. The staff are also genuinely keen to help and deliver good service because they actually do love the products they sell. I think this s something that people who work in customer service should strive towards. Eventually it is my turn to be served and I am greeted by Mike Genius. It turns out all the staff have Genius after their names. Anyway Mike Genius was brilliant. He went and had a look and came back and said it was in a good condition (except for not switching on of course). This made me feel good and it was as if I was being commended on the care I had given my MacBook. However he delivered the bad news that it was one of two things either the top case (where the buttons etc are) or the Logic Board. He must have seen the look on my face. This was going to be expensive I thought. He didn’t say anything he just checked the serial number and then said “well its covered by the Apple Care plan you took out so whatever the problem is it is free” I can’t express in words how happy this made me feel. I could have leaned over the Genius Bar to kiss him (well he was quite cute as well).  Anyway I refrained of course and just checked that it was going to be free. He confirmed and he said ‘don’t worry I’ll make your MacBook better’. Mike Genius is officially amazing (and totally great boyfriend material). So thanks to him I am now able to blog again from my MacBook. This is why Apple products rock. Would you get this level of service from PC World or Comet etc??? I think not.

For regular readers of my blog you will know that I am surrounded by a large number of knitters where I work. Despite their many attempts to recruit me to the dark side or should that be wooly side I have resisted and there is no way I will join them but it has posed the question from a a few people this week about my hobbies. It appears I should have some sort of creative hobby. Yes I have this blog which I suppose is a hobby but they said I should have something. Normally I would politely decline but it is probably right. I do need some new hobbies. So I am trying to think of some creative hobbies for me to do. So far I have thought of maybe drawing/painting, or writing, I could maybe look into the amateur dramatics idea again. I had also though about model making but I wouldn’t have the patience to paint things so small although I am tempted by Lego but not sure if that is a valid art form. If it isn’t then it blooming well should be. Anyway if people have suggestions then please do let me know and I will seriously consider all suggestions (except knitting or sewing).

A few weeks ago in my blog I mentioned I had a dilemma about where to get my morning coffee as Starbucks had opened in Durham and I felt divided loyalty between them and costa Coffee where I was getting my coffee. When I posed this question to you all the general consensus was to alternate between the two. I am largely doing this although it is more Starbucks than Costa. This is for a number of reasons. A)I genuinely prefer Starbucks for coffee and food and b)it gives me the chance to sit and read while drinking coffee. As a result I am now in a major reading mood which is great. So I want your help in deciding which book to read next. Here is a poll with the suggestions.

On Friday night I went to see the comedian Mark Watson at the Gala Theatre in Durham. This was the second time that I have been to see him. The first time was at the Edinburgh Festival last year and he was one of the first live stand up comedians I had seen. Therefore I owe a lot to him as it was because of that experience that I have been to see so much stand up comedy in the last 12 months. Not everyone gets his humour he has a unique geeky/awkward style of humour but this appeals to be a lot. I also have a lot of admiration for him. Not only is he a stand up comedian but he is also a writer and he does a daily blog. This was something he decided to do when he turned 30 and he wants to chronicle his years from 30-40 on a daily basis. Please check it out sometime. The link is on the right hand side of this blog. I am impressed that he does do a blog everything. I just blog once a week and know there is pressure to try and make it interesting and find things to talk about. I think because of this is one of my idols so I am pleased to have seen him again.

Well that is it for this week and hopefully this weeks blog is better than last week. I had such good plans for that blog Oh well. Thanks again for reading the blog.


Top TV programme of the week : Spooks

Top song of the week: Steps – It’s The Way You Make Me Feel

Book I am currently reading: Watership Down by Richard Adams