Hi and welcome to this weeks blog, especially if you are a regular reader of my blog.  If you are a regular reader then thanks for your support over the last year and a half. It is always nice to know someone is reading this stuff. Don’t get the idea I will stop if no one reads,  I would still do the blog as it is a good way to look at things that have happened to me or that are on my mind. Blogging is quite addictive once you start and blog regularly it does become part of your life and routine and during the week I am always thinking about what I can talk about in the next one.. I think everyone should try doing a blog at some point.

One of the interesting things I find about doing my blog is seeing how people come across my blog (not in a big brother sort of way). I don’t know exactly who sees my blog, but the stats feature does tell me how people have found it. Most people as I expected come from links on  Twitter and Facebook and some people do subscribe (obviously by die-hard fans)  but others have used a search engine to find it. Last week though someone found my blog by putting ‘I hate tim buckle’ into a search engine. Now I’m not bothered and I do know there are other Tim Buckles out there but still why bother putting something as childish as that into a search engine. Anyway I hope they enjoyed reading it when they did find it.

This week the Booker Prize was announced. As a bookworm I do get excited about this and my dream would be to be actually on the panel one year. Sadly there is no chance this is going to happen to happen as I am not famous enough. I didn’t even get chance to read the shortlist which I must do one year. Like all awards The Booker Prize always has criticism. I understand that this happens because reading is such a personal thing. Like any form of art we all react differently. However one of the criticisms that this years Booker Prize received was that the books were too readable. Now surely you want to have books that are readable by most people. It is true that The Booker Prize in the past has often picked books which are difficult to read and books have been awarded the prize for the intellectual content of the book, basically being clever for the sake of being clever. Having read (with a great deal of difficulty because of this) ‘Midnights Children’ by Salman Rushdie this year I am actually glad that the panel for this years Booker Prize have picked books that are ‘readable’. As I say I haven’t read any of the shortlist but there are a few titles I do fancy trying and I will of course be buying a copy of the winning book ‘The Sense Of An Ending’ by Julian Barnes.

While on the subject of reading I seem to have got my reading mojo back. During the summer I went through a bad patch where I struggled to enjoy reading. This happens to everyone and I hate it when it does happen to me. I blame a couple of difficult books I read this year and this slowed me down and made me lose interest. Anyway it is nice to be back in the reading zone. What has helped with this is getting into Durham early on a morning and visiting Starbucks. I have about 30 minutes where I sit drinking my coffee and reading my book. This is bliss and a great way to start the day.  In the next few weeks I will be putting together a list of books to read for Winter, this will be like the Summer reading list I did early on this year. If you have any recommendations then please let me know and I will include them. Also if you haven’t took part in the poll I did on last weeks blog about which book I should read next then please find the time to do so.

On the subject of Winter this week was the first time that I felt that Winter had arrived. it has been quite cold during the week. This means getting my jumpers out and wrapping up warm usually with layers as I am never sure what the temperature is going to be at work. I also felt Christmasy for the first time this week. This feeling only last briefly but it does mean that I am going to have to start thinking about things for Christmas. Where has the year gone??

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about my appearance. Since turning 30 it has become apparent that many things just don’t suit me. In fact somethings never worked with me such as skinny jeans and tight tops. Now though I have thought more about my appearance especially regarding work. I don’t have a uniform for work so I can wear my own things. However the nature of my work means that I can’t wear formal clothing as it is not practical so I usually go for smart casual. This is fine but sometimes I just want to feel a bit more professional. For a woman if they went formal no one would think much of it, but for a guy it would be quite a jump and people would just think I’m trying to impress for some reason (this is usually what happens) . Where all I would be doing it for is just for my own well being. When I say I want to dress a bit smarter I don’t mean shirt and tie. I only wear ties for interviews or births, deaths and marriages. I’ll have to think more about this and have a look around some clothes shops for ideas.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog. So until next week I will say goodbye.

Top TV programme of the week : All Roads Lead Home

Top song of the week: Glee Cast – Somewhere

Book I am currently reading: Watership Down by Richard Adams