Tired. That’s how I have been feeling this week. Well if I am honest I have been feeling like this for a weeks. This partly down to being busy at work, getting up early to get an early train due to later trains being massively overcrowded and finally not sleeping well due to sinus problems. Towards the end of the week I looked in the mirror and I wasn’t a pretty sight (more than normal). Weekends are my recharge time but they go so quick and I ended up spending most of Saturday trying to update Windows on my Mams’ computer (thank goodness Apple is easier to update). So really I have only had Sunday for some recharge me time and I fear this is not enough.

The plus side of getting up early on a morning for work is that I have time for coffee at Starbucks in Durham. I have already mentioned in previous blogs how relaxing it is just sitting there with my coffee and reading my book. The other enjoyment of coffee shops is people watching or listening. Some people are the same people each morning a bit like myself and there are others who just pop in or are with a group etc. This week there were 2 incidents I just need to tell you all about. The first was early during the week when the poshest girl ever was in Starbucks. She was with her friend who was posh but not posh as this girl. Nothing odd about this so far. However once the girl started speaking I couldn’t understand a word she said. It was just a lot of noise with ‘rah’ and ‘ja’. It was basically posh grunting. It was as if someone had merged together a posh girl with a teenage chav who just grunts and the result as what I was witnessing. To add to her weirdness she was just drinking orange juice, this in my opinion should not be allowed in a coffee shop unless you are a child and accompanied by a coffee drinking adult.

The other bizarre experience in Starbucks this week was on Friday when I was getting served. The barista who was serving me was really nice (and a typical looking Starbucks guy – i.e very good-looking), he started by asking how I was etc, now this was fine especially with his very soft Irish accent. Anyway where was I, oh yeah I remember. He asked if I was on my way to work and I answered yes and then he asked where it was I worked, so I told him and he replied with ‘you walk all the way up there, I couldn’t do that I don’t do walking’. Now I presume he does do walking otherwise someone must carry him about and that is not practical and just plain lazy. He then went on to complain about getting up at 5:30 am and that it should be illegal to do so. I admit getting up early is hard and not nice, especially with these dark mornings but it is something you have to do. At this point he was starting to become less appealing and I felt like saying ‘I don’t care, just GIVE ME COFFEE’, when he then said he took his dog into the shower with him. Now early on a morningI am not usually that responsive to the most basic and straight forward question never mind something like this. How is someone meant to respond to this? When I went in for my coffee I didn’t expect to find this out. This was way too much information He seemed to think this was normal behaviour and the dog apparently enjoyed it (well I am sure there a worse people to share a shower with). Anyway I don’t think I really responded at all, as my coffee was made and I quickly went and sat down trying to make sense of what had just happened. This just shows anything can happen in a coffee shop. I think there is a sitcom/reality TV show in this.

This opens up the question on how open people should be in a customer focused environment. This barista obviously felt he could be open with me and talk like a friend. I don’t mind this but I always worry that they expect openness back and I don’t like doing this. This brings me to my hairdresser. I have blogged about him a lot and this weekend I went and got my hair cut and I did get the amazing head massage. Part of me thinks I should say to him how good it is but then the other half of me thinks that would just sound weird and he might disturbed and not do it anymore. What do people think? Next time should I say something or just keep quiet? What is the social etiquette on these situations?

Anyway back to the rest of the blog. This week at work it was Environment Week and each department of the University was encouraged to do get involved. The library decided to promote some of its environmental themed books and DVD’s. We were also doing a poll on which environment themed novel people would recommend. The winner will win some vouchers and the book will be a future library book club choice. Now this is where I come in. The library book club is something I volunteered to organise and I do enjoy doing it and I discovered some brilliant books and authors through it. Now I know what you are thinking, a book club in a library that must be the easiest thing to do. How wrong you are and it sometimes prove difficult to get people involved. This competition though does add a new perspective to the group and has potential to improve the book club. I will just have to see where things go with it.

In last weeks blog (the weekend blog not the midweek book special) I mentioned the dilemma of wanting to dress smarter and basically improve my appearance. I might be 30 but that surely doesn’t mean I have to start dressing dull. So today I tried to buy some jeans/chinos/trousers. Now I knew what type I wanted as I quite like the coloured trousers at the moment so either the maroon, brown or plum. However it turns out that in a small northern town this is quite a challenge except if you are under 21 and can somehow fit into skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are simply wrong. They can’t be good for you unless you want DVT and also the average male’s legs are surely to big to fit them. I admit the number of clothes shops that cater for men in the town are limited and I failed in my task. I am going to have to try a Newcastle or the Metro Centre next weekend I think. I know I could look online but sizes vary so much from shop to shop that I need to actually try them on. I feel that this challenge of improving my appearance s going to be a tough one.

Well that is it for this week. Hope everyone has/had a good Halloween. Also if you haven’t already done so please check out the blog I did during the week about book to read during the autumn/winter.


Top TV programme of the week : Spooks

Top song of the week: The Overtones – Beggin’

Book I am currently reading: The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas