Another week and a another blog and yes I’m still tired. It seems to be the story of my life at the moment but I have been very tired all week. I think the dark mornings and early evenings are not helping things either. I think I need some time off.

Anyway enough of that moaning. This week has been quite a busy week if not a little bizarre at times. In last weeks blog I mentioned about my visit to Starbucks where the barista told me he took his dog in the shower with him. Now this has sparked a lot of conversation with people during the week. Apparently I should have asked more questions such as ‘What type of dog?’, ‘Does he do this often?’, etc. I admit with hindsight these are things I probably should have asked but at the time I was in shock that this guy who is basically a stranger was willing to randomly share this with me. Anyway this week he was fairly quiet except when he stepped up to defend Steps. It all started when the other barista was discussing Christmas music which would soon be played in the shop. He then said  that when he visited a local shop they were playing old Steps. Now as far I know Steps haven’t done any new material for 10 years although they have reformed. I was going to say something but thought lets not get into a debate I just want my coffee. He then said he was quite surprised they were playing Steps because “what relevance do Steps have in modern-day society?”. Now this is almost a dissertation question (I should know my dissertation was actually on Steps). Before I could say anything Shower Dog Barista (as I will now call him from now on) said well they have had a TV show and are popular again. I nodded in agreement and was pleased in the knowledge that despite the odd fact he takes his dog in the shower with him the barista making my coffee had good taste in music (this is of course my opinion and understand many readers will disagree with this). Anyway my coffee was now ready and I went and sat down feeling good that coffee shops were still places for intellectual debates to take place.

On the subject of Starbucks. This week saw that arrival of their Christmas coffee’s, which means the return of the gingerbread latte. This makes me so happy. I know some coffee shops do gingerbread lattes all year round but they are simply not as good. They do other Christmas coffees as well such as Toffee Nut Latte, Eggnog Latte and Praline Mocha. Tempting as these maybe I will stay loyal to the gingerbread latte for the whole of festive period. I am now also formally recognising that Christmas has now started although it is still too early for decorations and Christmas music.

This week was both Halloween and Bonfire Night and I did very little to celebrate either. For Halloween the closest I got for getting into the Halloween spirit (haha) was to watch ‘Scared Shrekless’ on DVD and eating Haribo. Now this is not exactly scary I know but the closest to scary my DVD collection gets is either this or Twilight or Harry Potter. As for Bonfire night I did nothing at all to celebrate. My next door neighbour was setting off some fireworks so I did see some but I am not that bothered really. To do very little for either of these things in a way is quite shameful. Especially Halloween as it is one the big events in Gay calendar (it involves vampires and dressing up) I think I lose a lot gay points for my lack lustre attempt at celebrating Halloween. I must try harder next year.

This week I did have two nights out. Now this is almost unheard of for me. First of all was a meal for a friend’s birthday which was really nice and the other was a colleagues leaving do. This was also a great night of cocktails and food and lots of laughs. Its been a while since I had a night out like that and may have to organise a night out in Newcastle sometime. I think I have got stuck in a rut lately and need a bit of a kick up the backside. I know I have had quite intense year and work is busy and quite stressful but I shouldn’t let this be an excuse. So I think I need to refocus on my New Years resolution of putting myself first and start having more fun. I don’t do this enough and I worry that I am going to slip back into my old way of letting things pass me by. This isn’t going to help me and will be an insult to the hard work I have done this year in trying to move on with my life. I need to try new things and meet new people whether as friends or more, and take more risks. This doesn’t mean ignoring current friends. Far from it. It means I need to start listening to them more and also being more proactive in organising things as some of them probably need to do the same and put themselves first.

Well that’s about it for this week. I hope you have enjoyed reading it. I’m off to rest for the remainder of the evening.


Top TV programme of the week : Downton Abbey

Top song of the week: Coldplay – Paradise

Book I am currently reading: The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas