For some reason time in December just seems to disappear quicker than any other time of the year. At this time of the year multi-tasking is certainly the only way to keep on top of things. As well as everyone’s everyday tasks such as going to work, shopping etc. We all have the seasonal activities of Christmas shopping, putting the Christmas decorations up, writing Christmas cards, tidying up, Christmas party’s’, catching up with friends and family. Don’t get me wrong these are not horrible jobs to do there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do it all. This week though I attempted to make a big push on some of these things. On Monday I had a day off which was nice as it meant I got a much-needed sleep in and I also got the chance to catch up with a friend who I haven’t seen for ages. My Christmas shopping is coming along ok but I do still have a little bit to do.Today I put up the Christmas decorations (with the help/hinderance from my cat) which is a very satisfying thing to do and nice to have some sparkle in the house.This just leaves me the tasks of writing my Christmas cards, and Christmas party’s’ to do yet. My work Christmas party is this week which should be good as I think it will be good for everyone at work to let their hair down after such a busy year. All that really leaves is my Christmas cards I will make an attempt on my Christmas cards in the next day or so. So I am slowly getting there for Christmas.

Everything sounds fairly organised doesn’t it well it hasn’t all been plain sailing as this week I also got a major dose of man flu. Basically I have been run down and tired and as I both travel on public transport and work in a public place it was bound to catch up with me at some point, and that’s what it did and unleashed its snottyness on me. As much I don’t like being ill I would rather have it now and get it over with before Christmas as last year I got it on Christmas Day which really ruined the day for me. So (touch wood) Christmas should be better this year.

The weather has certainly been wintry this week. Although we haven’t had snow as such (it has been sleety) we have had lots of ice as well as some strong winds. A couple of times this week I have had some scary attempted journeys to get out of the street. Put it this way I am no ice dancer so I could do without the scary journey in the dark on the ice. I had better dig those snow boots out.

This week was my works book club. This is something that I organise as well as take part in. It is good to do especially when there is a good turn out which happened this week. What was really interesting was that most people who read the book this month did so on a Kindle instead of an actual paper copy. It just shows the changing times in reading styles. Many people think I am anti e-books because I work in a library. If anything this is one of the reasons why I like e-books because they are more accessible to a large number of people at one time.  There are huge advantages to them and if it gets more people reading then I am all for it. However for me when I read for my own pleasure I prefer a book. I like the feel of the book, the cover, the smell and actually having pages instead of being told I am such a percentage through the book. As yet the have yet to create an e-reader that does all of these things but I am sure they are working on it. Also some books I have I re-read because they hold a special memory for me such as a birthday present or Christmas present . I am not saying I will never read an e-book (I said that about an iPod and now can’t live without it)because things change but at the moment I am happy with my trusty book.

Celeb Spot of the Week: Jimmy Doherty (the farmer guy)

Top TV programme of the week : Merlin

Top song of the week: Glee Cast – We Need A Little Christmas Now

Book I am currently reading: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis