Welcome to my last blog before Christmas. This fills me with a little bit of dread as I still have stuff to do such as get some wrapping paper and a few little presents. Oh well I’m sure it will all be ok.  I can’t believe how disorganised I have been this year, I used to have everything done by now I suppose that is what happens with age and working full-time.  Anyway hopefully you are all more organised than I am. Anyway this is what has happened or been on my mind this week.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I travel to work by train and that I understand the need for train etiquette. One morning this week my train was late. I knew it was going to be a long wait as the departure board stopped saying estimated time and just had the word ‘delayed’ next to all north bound trains. This is train speak for you are going to be waiting for a very long time. I wasn’t too worried at this point because I had coffee and my iPod with Michael Buble playing. After about 30 minutes they announced that a Northern Rail train was coming into the platform. Now Northern Rail trains are the type of train that manage to use other train lines because they are that old. They are also the dirtiest and scariest trains that are in use. Anyway it pulls into the station and a mass crowd including me attempts to get on. By some strange fortune I do manage to get on and also get a seat. On the seat next to me is a woman who was quite surprised at the number of people getting on the train and asked me “is it usually this busy?” I answered no and told her it was because of a train breaking down and this had caused massive delays to the other trains. She then started talking to me for the most of the journey. Now this is odd behaviour for train travel as I have discussed before. The train travel etiquette is that you don’t make contact with strangers. I have experienced this from both ways. First when I tried to do a good deed and help a guy out and he now just blanks me so I know that it is not usually welcomed. Also from my point of view I am usually still waking up when I get my train so those 15 minutes are important to me. The exception to this rule is if you meet someone you know on the train, this is an acceptable time to talk. However this woman was just being nice and I didn’t want to appear rude so I did talk as the other alternative was to face the other way and have a guys back pack shoved in my face. Oh the joys of train travel.

This week at work it was the office secret santa draw. Now this is always good fun but I do go into it with some nervousness as you worry that the person you have bought for doesn’t like there’s or that someone has either got you a joke present or gone down the easy route of wine or chocolates. In the past I have had some great presents which I still use today such as my librarian mug, the 50 books I must read before I Die bookmark and a toy TARDIS. This year the present I got was a mini hot water bottle.

Not only is this quirky and practical it shows someone has shown some interest as it is very cold office and I am one of the few who doesn’t have a hot water bottle at work.  So whoever got me I say thank you very much.

My Christmas festivities have well and truly started this week as not only was it my secret santa draw but it was also the work Christmas Party. Now some people think these should be avoided at all costs. I however disagree and think they should be embraced. A party is only as good as the people there and usually those who decide to go are there to have a good time so the chances are it will be a good night. This year the party was at a different place from previous years but it was a great night. I think after all the things that have happened we were all ready to let our hair down and we had good food, good company and a good dance. When I say good dance I mean I had fun doing a form of dance as I know I’m not great but I do enjoy it. Also that strange phenomenon happens where no matter how a group of people start on a dance floor you will end up forming a massive circle. This is just one of life’s’ great mysteries.

This week in the news I saw a feature about how should you organise your bookshelves? The question was asked by the author Alexander McCall Smith who was struggling with this dilemma as he was sorting out his bookcases. Now as I work in a library (and I am a geek) this story naturally got my attention. I actually put my books in alphabetical order by surname and I even have an oversized section.  Both fiction and non fiction are in together due to space. The dilemma I had when deciding to adopt this system was actually where  to put Alexander McCall Smith’s books should it be under M or S. I decided to go with M. I have to admit I only started doing this once I started working in the library and I will not be going down the Dewey classification route yet. So that’s what I do so why not tell me how you all organise your book shelves.

So that is it for another week. now as next sunday is Christmas Day I won’t be doing a blog on Sunday. Instead I will do the weekly blog on Boxing Day. This is because I am sure most of will have other things to do and Boxing Day is that day where nothing really happens and we all slob about so sounds like the best time to do the blog. So all that remains is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope that Santa is good to you all.

Top TV programme of the week : Strictly Come Dancing

Top song of the week: Geraldine – Once Upon A Christmas

Book I am currently reading: David Copperfield by Charles Dickens