Well that’s another week over and more importantly another Christmas over. Just realised that sounds like I am glad Christmas is over which is not the case but it has been a busy week and I am glad that is over.  I hope you all had a good Christmas and that Santa was good to you. I had a good Christmas but it didn’t turn out exactly how I planned it but it still turned out OK. I will elaborate later on in the blog.

Whether it was because of Christmas or because my birthday is also approaching in a months time, I don’t know but this week I have been feeling a bit nostalgic about my childhood. Anyway whatever the reason I have been thinking back to my childhood.  For some time now I have been trying to find a copy of a book that I had as a child. I couldn’t remember what is was called exactly but I knew it was by Enid Blyton and about Robin Hood. After a bit of searching I discovered that the book was called ‘Tales of Brave Adventure’. It is out of print but I wanted a specific copy of it which added to the difficulty. All I remembered was that the front cover had Robin Hood on and it was a beige cover. Not much to go on I know but after a bit more searching and I eventually found a second-hand copy of the book I wanted and this week I finally received a copy of it. It seems a lot thinner now as an adult but it is the same as I remembered it and it brought back lots of happy memories. The book wasn’t expensive either only £6 and was worth every penny.

It might not seem like a special book but I absolutely loved this book as a child and remember buying it on a family holiday to Llandudno and it remained a childhood favourite. Then why get it rid of it I hear you say. Well when you become a teenager you want to quickly move away from childhood things and often get of old books and toys. With the exception of my Star Wars figures and my toy knights and my Roald Dahl books everything else went. It is only when you get older and you realise how much you wish you had kept them. ‘Tales of Brave Adventure’ was my favourite version of the Robin Hood stories and sometimes as an adult you just want to escape back to this safe time. Now I have an exact copy of the book and I am not going to get rid of it. Remember if there was something in your childhood you loved then you will at some point want it again as an adult so don’t get rid of it as you will regret doing so.

As well as reminiscing back to my childhood I also had Christmas practicalities to do. This involved last-minute Christmas shopping, although I had made some progress I still had some stuff to do. I also went and got my haircut as I was starting to look like a shaggy dog and that aint a good look on anyone including a shaggy dog also II wanted to look smart for Christmas Day and I am going to a friends wedding this week as well. As my hairdresser is very good it is a nice experience as I not only does he do a good job but I get an amazing head massage which seemed to last a longer this time or maybe it was just my imagination. While he was talking to me he told me that he had bought a skeleton onesie for himself. Why is it that people feel free to tell me random things. First there was the guy in Starbucks who took his go in the shower now I learn that the guy who cuts my hair owns a skeleton onesie. He seemed happy and I got my haircut and the head massage so I don’t mind him telling me but I do wonder why or how I discover this information. I did wonder if this was considered flirting but I don’t think it is.

After all the preparation, Christmas day finally came to us all and as I have already mentioned it didn’t go quite as planned, but unlike the Governments current economic strategy we had a plan b and things turned out good. The reason for all of this was that my mum has got a trapped nerve in the back of her neck which is causing a lot of pain for her in her arm. She has got painkillers but they basically send her to sleep so she is either in pain or asleep. This is not good anytime but with it being Christmas it does overshadow things and alter plans. As the week went on it looked like a strong possibility that our plan of all of us going to my Uncles for Christmas Dinner was not going to happen so we got some food in for Christmas dinner. This turned out to be a good plan because my Mum was not well enough to go and despite her saying she would be ok , there was no way me or my Dad were going to leave her on her own while we went and had Christmas dinner. So we had Christmas dinner at home thanks to my Dad cooking (who did brilliantly) and me doing my attempt at egg mayonnaise for the starter (it was edible but I won’t be rushing to enter Masterchef just yet, my presentation let me down). We still had a great day and we all got some great presents and later on in the day me and Dad did visit my Uncle for a short time .  I did get some presents which made me feel guilty I hadn’t spent enough on some people. To those people I am really sorry and will make it up to you next year when I will be more organised.

This is possibly my last blog of the year (I say possibly as I am not sure when I am going to do my Year in Lists blog), and I have started thinking about what New Years Resolutions I should make. So I have decided to ask all of you readers what New Year resolutions I should make. The reason I am doing this is because although I have highlighted areas of my life to improve on, sometime I need a friend or family member or an outsider to point something out. For those regular readers of my blog who have put up with my whingeing and moaning all this time this is your chance to give me something to address in my life. You can suggest ideas either a comment to this blog or tweet me or message me on Facebook. I must stress just because you suggest something doesn’t mean I will do it but I will consider all suggestions. The closing date is the 31st December.

Top TV programme of the week : Outnumbered

Top song of the week: Military Wives Choir – Wherever You Are

Book I am currently reading: David Copperfield by Charles Dickens