Happy New Year!!

Another blog just one day after the epic ‘My Year In Lists :2011’ blog. I’m spoiling you or more likley just adding more work and pressure to myself. I didn’t realise how hard it was to blog on a daily basis. I now know why Mark Watson has stopped blogging daily there is a lot of pressure to meet the end of the day deadline. I kinda of enjoy it though (but don’t get used to it as normal service will resume on Sunday) so here goes.

I hope you all had a good New Years Eve and are ready for the year ahead. I  am not sure if I am as after last year I think this year is a bit of an anticlimax. Last year I turned 30 so I saw the year as an opportunity for putting myself first and to try and move on with my life. I certainly did do stuff and I suppose I now need to work out where I go now. When the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve I didn’t have that feeling of a new year that I often get. I don’t seem to have that ‘bring it on’ attitude that I had last year. I better start digging deep and carrying on the work I did last year.

In the last weekly blog I asked people to suggest some New Years Resolutions for me. I had some for myself but I though it would be good to get an outside perspective on me. Some of you did suggest things so thank you. So on the subject of New Years Resolutions here are mine for the year.

1)Go to the cinema and theatre more. 

Last year I realised that I only went to the cinema 4 times. It wasn’t because there wasn’t anything I wanted to watch it was just about making time to go and see something. I think thats because usually I tend to go on my own so when I am thinking can I be bothered to go I would probablby just not go. Whereas if I was going with other people then I would make the effort. Going to the theatre is probably the same as well. This is something that has to be done with other people and I just don’t get around to oragnising something. So this year I am going to go to both the cinema and the theatre more. I think its even more important I do this as this year is going to be dominated by sporting events and this could mean the arts in this country could suffer so I want to do my bit and see some great theatre and good films.

2)Sort out finances

This was on last year and I do need to do more in this area. Basically I want to move on with my life and this area will only make that a bit easier. I need to stop spending for the sake of it and start saving so that I can get my own place, maybe learn to drive, travle etc.


Yep this is another thing from last years list. Now i know there is only so much I can do on this. I can’t make people like me but I can be more proactive in this. Its not easy I know and especially for a gay guy as you can’t just starting flirting with any guy (I’m rubbish at flirting as well so will need to practice on this anyway). A friend of mine said that I probably have met that person at some point and never realised or maybe they are already in my life and I don’t know. Well if thats the case I hope they let me know. If it is meant to be it is meant to be I suppose.

4)Get my own place

And yes I know this was on last years list as well (theres a theme here isn’t there). Realisitically I cant afford to buy on my own so renting will be my best option. I need to start saving and getting a deposit ready and just keep looking on a regular basis for places and to help get an idea of whats out there. I think I would have to be on my own as I’m not sure anyone would be be able to put up me unless in a relationship. Although I won’t rule the idea out.

5)Loose weight

This is a new one for me. I have never been worried or conscious about my weight and how I look. However recently it has started to concern me. I do need to loose some weight, nothing drastic but I do need to eat a bit healthier and try some more exercise. I think I have let myself go since the Great North Run.

6)Improve appearance

This is connected to loosing weight but is not the whole answer. I want to improve my appeance more. I want to wear smarter clothes, improve my skin, also my teeth do need seeing to (nothing drastic just dentist) as I haven’t been to the dentist for a long time. This will be expensive but I think I need to do it. I know it might sound superficial but it would make me feel better and I suppose improve my chance of dates.

7)Get out more/have fun

This should be easy to do but for some reason I struggle to do this. In my head when someone says lets do something I plan to say yes and then by the time the words leave my mouth it turns into a no. So I need to say yes more and go out more. Whether thats with friends or trying something new and meeting new people I do need to do this.

8)Get a new hobby 

It has become apparent I need a new hobby especially a creative one I think. I have mentioned in older blogs about maybe doing amateur dramatics or even doing some dancing. These are things I need to explore or maybe there is even something else out there for me to do. If anyone has any ideas let me know ( knitting is not an opition before certain people suggest it).

9)Have a holiday

This sounds quite an idulgent thing but actually it  is something I need. Last year I didn’t have a holiday as used my time off to train for the Great North Run. Now this was a great thing to do but it meant that by the end of the year I was tired and needed to recharge my batteries big time. So this year I must make an effort to have some sort of holiday where I do away somewhere.

10) be happy

This is what a few friends suggested as a resolution. They said I need to build on the success’ from last year and start putting myself first. This is true I do need to do this and I suppose by friends saying this it means I wont feel guilty about putting myself first. It is great to know that I haver such a great group of friends who are there to push me in the right direction and I hope to find more time to get in touch with some friends I don’t see or speak to as often.

Well there you go. Thats my New Years Resolutions. I think looking at the list I am going to have  a busy year.

Anyway it is time to look at the rest of my weekly news and events.

I suppose the them for the last week has been family and friends. I had another family get together which was nice but sadly my mam was still unable to go due to the trapped nerve in her neck. Its nice seeing everyone as it we don’t all see each other as much as we used to so we all like to make an effort at least this time of year. The good news though about my mam is that she is better but she is just taking it easy but at least the pain is better now.

I also met up with some friends for post Christmas/pre New Year drinks. It had been a while since our last catch up and it was a good night. We certainly had a good chat and a laugh and will hopefully do it again soon.

This week two friends of mine got married. It was the day before New Years Eve and despite wet weather it was a fantastic day and the perfect way to end the year. It had been a long time coming so to see them both so happy and enjoying their day was great. when we go to weddings I suppose we think about our relationships. So if you are already married you look at your marriage and if you are not then you think about when you will get married. This was the first wedding I had been to since ‘coming out’ and it was the first time I had thought about a civil partnership. Now I know I am not seeing anyone so its certainly a long way off it at all likely. Still it was the first time I had seriously thought of it and actually if I was with the right person I would, just need to find him. anyway as I said it was a great day and on the evening as well as a disco there was a photo booth. Now we all have used one at some point for passport or driving license photos but theis was just for fun and had a box of dressing up stuff. I never knew how much fun people could have in a photo booth.It was a brilliant idea and one everyone seemed to enjoy.

Top TV programme of the week : Sherlock

Top song of the week: Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger

Book I am currently reading: Dune by Frank Herbert