Last week I described this year as ‘the difficult second album’. If this is true then this week was certainly one of those filler album tracks as not much happened. This is because it is January and everyone is saving their money, so we use the time to do constructive and dull things. Constructive and dull to me means tidying so I decided to tidy my room on a big scale. Now this might seem quite trivial but my plan was to tidy out from under my bed and then move my bed around. Now for some reason under my bed has always been something that I have avoided doing (no it’s not because of the monsters, spiders yes but not monsters).  However having been inspired by getting new windows and a new blind this week I thought it was time for a change so I tackled under the bed. In fairness it wasn’t as bad  thought it was going to be. I even found a pound coin and a Woolworths carrier bag (I know what you are thinking but please don’t judge me). Anyway it is now done and I have move my bed around so now I do have chance to get out of the wrong side of the bed as it is no longer against the wall. Having just read that last sentence back I seem a bit too excited about this.

My plan of having breakfast every day is working and I do feel better for it. It is nothing exciting just toast and jam but hey it is more than I used to eat on a morning and I don’t get the low sugar shakes which is certainly good.

This week I did see the most bizarre thing on the way to work. I was at the crossing opposite work  and was waiting for the lights to change. I’m in my own world listening to my iPod and I turn to the left of me only to see a guy with a knitted beard and hat.  I turned away slowly thinking to myself .It is still early I must be still a sleep so I turned around again and no I wasn’t mistaken it was a small knitted beard. The lights then changed and we all crossed the road. As he approached his destination he then took of his hat and it turned out his knitted beard was actually part of the hat. I just can’t understand why a grown man would have a knitted beard, it is a few weeks after Christmas now so you don’t have to wear that type of thing anymore. Also it wasn’t that cold so was totally unnecessary. On the other hand though it is more worrying that someone actually had the idea to knit a beard in the first place. I’m generally undecided about the whole facial hair thing anyway but this is on a different level. Apparently though it is a latest trend ( you can buy them on Etsy look them up.) I don’t think I will be in a rush for one though.

This week I have been trying to get to grips with Facebook’s new timeline thing. On first impression it is quite smart and flashy but it is scary to see it is basically my history. Of course Facebook only covers recent history but now it allows you to fill in your entire life history. Part of me finds this quite scary but on the other hand it is nice to look back at things. I am sure it will make doing family history a lot easier in the future.

Well that is it for this week. Thanks for reading and will be back blogging next week.

Top TV programme of the week : Sherlock

Top song of the week: Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight

Book I am currently reading: Dune by Frank Herbert