This week has not been the greatest of weeks. To be honest I didn’t expect much from the week, especially with it being Valentines Day. Anyway here is what has been happening during the week.

This week at home we have been getting a shower fitted. This is instead of the bath so it meant that for a large part of the week I only had the hand basin to use to get washed with. This may not have been ideal but it was certainly better than smelling. Although I was pleased about getting the shower I wasn’t pleased about the disruption. I knew that there would of course be some disruption especially in the bathroom but I didn’t expect the disruption to affect my bedroom as well. It turned out that they had to drill in my room as well because they had to put new wires in and connect it to the fuse box which is below my room. If I had known this in advance the I would have cleared the area of my room in advance. However this was not the case and the result was my main bookcase being emptied in a rush by my parents. So when I got in from work I was met with a hole in my ceiling and my books all over my room. To say I was not happy is an understatement. Now it might seem like a major overreaction but I am fairly certain I suffer a bit with OCD and two things that get to me are not being clean and my books being out of order. So to come home to this after work was not great. I did sort them out while having a bit of a strop. I know this sounds bad but it is how I felt. I did calm myself down though by watching the film ‘Midnight In Paris’. This is such a lovely film and although it is unlikely to win at the Oscars tonight it is good to see it get some recognition. It did make me want to go to Paris though. However after mentioning this on my Facebook status I received many responses saying not to bother. I am sure it is not that bad but I may wait a while as I have always said that I would only go to Paris on a romantic break and judging from my lack of Valentines I may be waiting a while.

Yeah as you probably have guessed I wasn’t inundated with Valentines cards. If I am honest I didn’t get any at all. I didn’t expect any to be honest but you live high hope that one day you will get a surprise. So instead I opted for my usual Valentines Day routine which is to wear black and listen to very depressing songs on my iPod. I decided that I wouldn’t eat a whole pack of chocolate brownies this year (yes I’ve done that before). Anyway I suppose there is always next year.

I have been feeling a bit down this week. It is probably due to the upheaval and stuff this week. Whatever it is it has got me thinking about lots of things. The difficulty I have is doing them. I said that I was going to start putting myself first but this is proving a bit difficult. In my head I keep putting back things. I should know by now that there is never a perfect time to do things but that doesn’t help when I feel it would be disloyal. I need a sign about what to do.

Anyway that’s enough of me wallowing in my own misery for this week. I hope to be in a better mood next week. If not just call me Eeyore.

Top TV programme of the Week – Take Me Out

Top Song of the Week – Steps – When I Said Goodbye

Book I am currently reading: David Copperfield by Charles Dickens