In last weeks blog I said I was at a crossroads and not sure which way to go. I’m still there but things are getting a bit clearer. This week I had some things to make decisions about. As a result I have a had a lot going on in my head and this has led to me being a little grumpy if I’m honest. Any way I have made some decisions by doing a pros and cons list. I think all problems in life can be sorted with a good list. I looked around to find some posh stationary that was designed for pros and cons lists but couldn’t find any in shops in town (I do like my stationary). However I managed to find an app on my iPhone that does it. It really helped and I feel better about some things now. I still have some decisions to make but I am making progress.

This week saw a Leap Year. I never really knew why we had a Leap Year and have always found it a bit odd. Apparently it is to do with the Calendar year synchronizing with the astronomical year. I think its like when you have a watch which starts off on time and then it either slows down or is a little ahead. Every now and again you just have to sync it. Well that’s my understanding anyway. I am also intrigued about the traditions that go with a Leap Year. Apparently February 29th is when women can officially propose to men. For obvious reasons this didn’t happen to me but I wonder if anyone still does this as surely things are more equal now. Well except for gay marriage but hey that will soon change I hope. Other countries have similar traditions but with variations. In Denmark it is the same but if the man refuses he has to give her 12 pairs of gloves and in Finland he has to give her fabric to make skirts. Well at least its cheaper than paying for a wedding.

Early on int the week I noticed quite clearly in the sky the alignment of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus. Although they are billions and billions of miles away it was still spectacular to see with my own eyes. It really does put things into perspective. It has also reminded me I need to look into my plan of astronomy more this year.

Also this week the UK’s entry for Eurovision was announced. I had heard four names being banded about. They were the Sugababes (original lineup), Cliff Richard (please God no), Englebert Humperdink (really???) and Steps (awesome choice). Yes all four are known internationally some a lot more recent than others but surely the BBC would go with a more recent name. Obviously budget cuts at the BBC mean that it would be too costly to send a group so Steps and Sugababes are out so that leaves Cliff and Englebert and Cliff has been there and done that and come second so by default it was Englebert. This of course is my reasoning behind the decision made by the BBC and is likely to differ to the correct reason. I am shocked at the choice and really think it is a bad decision. It is like entering your granddad into the X Factor. It is just going to be cruel and embarrassing. I know no one in Europe likes us but still we should have some pride in ourselves. I suppose we will all find out in May.

I am conscious I haven’t mentioned much about myself so far in this weeks blogs. This is partly because it has been a dull week and also I promised not moan on this week. Having been a grump for most of the week and been told I either need a kick up the bum or been reminded of the scene in The Lion King where Rafiki knocks some sense into Simba when he is trying to decide what to do, I thought it best to avoid more moaning. The only thing that happened this week for me was getting my hair cut which was long overdue but sadly my usual hairdresser was on holiday so it meant no amazing head massage. I did however have the longest blow dry (10 minutes!!!! and this is after the hair is cut short) apparently the girl who had to dry my hair had only started that day and judging by the time she took and the weird way she was holding the dryer I don’t think hairdressing is for her.

Well that’s it for this week. Thanks to those who responded to the Kylie challenge in last weeks blog. There were 10 song titles used. Rather disappointingly most people struggled.I know I was harsh with some of the answers as they were just album tracks but at least 6 were singles. The most people got were three. I should say well done but as the two people who got this score are my oldest friends they should know more than that. The answers if you wondered were:

Someday, Dreams, Step Back In Time, Limbo, Tell Tale Signs, Spinning Around, It’s No Secret, Confide In Me, Got To Be Certain, and Wow.

Top TV programme of the week : My Life In Books

Top song of the week: LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It

Book I am currently reading: War Horse by Michael Morpurgo