This week has been a very tiring week both physically and mentally. This is partly down to the fact that it is the end of term this week and I am ready for a some time off. Also the theme of decision-making from last week has continued into this week. 

Making decisions is a tough thing do. I suppose I should have dealt with somethings before now. Anyway I have made some decisions this week which in some cases have been long over due. It’s all part of me trying to move on with my life. I think I have made some progress but it is certainly not easy. Anyway onwards and upwards.

I had a visit this week to Ushaw College in Durham. It was all to do with work and it was a really interesting visit. It used to be where they trained priests but now it is used by the University. However it still has a lot of remnants of it Catholic past. There were pictures of the Pope and saints and priests all over the place which was a bit daunting. The library however is beautiful and is just like the library in Hogwarts (it even has a restricted section). It had the magic of a proper old library and that is special. i could have spent all day there. Sadly I was unable to but I had an interesting visit.

Friday this week was a bad day. We all have days when things go wrong from the beginning. I woke up late and quickly had a my first coffee of the day.  I then went to get ready and I struggled to find some decent trousers to wear. I eventually do and then head off to get the train. As I wait to cross the road I realise there is a problem with the crossing lights so it takes ages for me to find a safe moment to cross. I then get to the station and realise there is only one more train I can get that will get me in for 9am. I still have time to get a coffee (or so I think). However after placing my order it turns out the coffee machine at Costa is on a major go slow and I see my train pulling in. Despite having paid for the coffee I say to them I have to go and dash off to the train. However my coffee is now ready and they dash after me with my coffee. This fills me with a mixture of emotions. I am glad I have my coffee but slightly embarrassed they came after me with my coffee. I do manage to get to work on time but I could have done without the drama.

Well that is it for this week. As I said nothing much has happened really and I am trying not to rant as much in my blog. so it’s a short and sweet one this week. Thanks again for reading and I will hopefully have a better and more interesting week this week.

Top TV programme of the week : Racing With The Hamiltons

Top song of the week: Katie Melua – Gold In Them Hills

Book I am currently reading: Death Comes To Pemberley by P.D. James