Happy Easter everyone!

I hope everyone has had a nice Easter weekend and haven’t eaten too many eggs. As I write this I still haven’t opened mine yet. It’s not deliberate but I just haven’t got around to eating it. I even had to buy my own as according to my parents I am too old for Easter Eggs. Nonsense it’s just chocolate after all and you are never too old for chocolate.

This week has been a very busy and odd week. In last weeks blog I was talking about how hot the weather had been and wondering how long it would last. The answer was not long at all as 7 days after I got sunburn we had snow. How bizarre is that? I don’t know how the weather can change so dramatically in just a few days. Thankfully though it does seem to have gone now and hopefully it will get back to normal weather conditions.

Snow wasn’t the only odd thing to happen this week. My job involves buying books and on many occasions they are second-hand due to the quickness of books going out of print. This week at work I received one of the second-hand books that I had ordered. It was in a flat square box in brown paper. The best way I can describe the box is like a pizza box shape. In fact it was a pizza box. Yep the seller of the book sent me the book I had bought in a pizza box. This sounds odd but it gets weirder. It turned out to be a used pizza box as it had the grease marks inside. Thankfully there was no sight of pizza but there was an egg box (thankfully no eggs inside). This was put in to stop the book bashing about inside while it was in the mail. Thankfully the book was also well wrapped up so it was not damaged by the grease stain and didn’t smell of pizza. I am just amazed to think that anyone would reuse a pizza box for this purpose. At least I know where the money for the book went.

Well that’s enough for oddities for now. As well as dealing with freak weather conditions and books in pizza boxes I have also been out enjoying myself. This should not be news but it is such a rare thing nowadays I am amazed it hasn’t been on the national news. It probably would have done but the nation was too engrossed in whether two pandas would get it on. Well we all knew they wouldn’t as it was their first date and I think panda’s have some respect and wait a few dates before they get jiggy with it. (sorry for that image which is now in your heads). Anyway back to be going out. On Thursday night I went to a gig at the Sage in Gateshead. I am sure I have mentioned before how much I love this venue. Anyway I was going to see a local artist called The Lake Poets. I have mentioned him before in blogs as he is a very talented singer songwriter and I can’t say enough how much everyone should listen to his stuff (Theres a link at the bottom of the blog to his site). His songs are all very personal and because of that they just hit home. His song ‘Friends’ is my favourite as it is what I would imagine many of my friends have felt about me in the last 12 months. This was one of the biggest gigs that he had done and it is only a matter of time before he makes it big. The other acts who were on were local artists as well. They were Natasha Haws who is mind awesome and is another one to keep an eye on in the future. The other group was The Union Choir. They were also good but I was very worried about the drummer at one point as he certainly went for it. Thankfully he was ok and I enjoyed their set. I went to the gig for two reasons. First I am a big fan of The Lake Poets and have wanted to see him for a long time. Secondly he is now signed to a brilliant little record label called Tiny Lights which a friend of mine runs so I was also there to support this as well. It was a brilliant night and the closest to a rock and roll night I will get. I did get to meet Martin who is the Lake Poets and he is such a nice guy. After the gig me and some friends went for some drinks and we had a good night. It was a night for good music and friendship and this wasn’t what I had planned. I don’t mean that I didn’t plan to have a good time but as I was staying up there I wanted to take the opportunity to go to the local gay scene. It is the biggest in the area and is something that I need to do. So I was stuck with the dilemma to gay or not to gay, that is the question.However while I was at the gig listening to the amazing songs which deal with friendship I realised no that night wasn’t the moment to just go off and do that. I did mention it to one of my friends and she said go and do it but it wasn’t right. My friends have been amazing to me in the 12 months and it is about time I re-payed them for that. This doesn’t mean I am not going to put myself first as that isn’t what I want or what they want for me. What it does mean is that I have to arrange a time for doing my gay thing as it were and make time for my mates as they have done for me.

This wasn’t the only night out. On Saturday my cousin got married. We were invited to the evening reception. I have to be honest and no offence to my cousin and his bride but I wasn’t looking forward to it. I think this was because I wasn’t with anyone but my parents and it would have been nice to have had backup. Also my cousin went to the same school as me and was a few years older so I knew his mates. Most of them are ok but some were not. So I wasn’t thrilled about seeing them. Anyway it was ok and better than I thought it would be thanks to a few glasses of rose. However I did have a rather odd conversation with a guy who was there while washing my hands. Now I know the rule is that guys generally don’t talk to each other in the toilets but he was drunk and he obviously forgot this. Anyway he saw me washing my hands and said he felt he had to now as he was a nurse and I had shamed him. He then asked was I with the bride or groom side. I replied the groom and he then asked what the connection was. I told him I was the grooms cousin and he said that’s quite a strong connection he worked with the bride. He said he was a nurse but then quickly defended his job by saying ‘but I’m not gay’. He said people presume that male nurses are gay and this is not the case. I said I know that is a stereotype and I didn’t think like that. He then asked ‘your not gay are you?’. Ok this conversation was now officially weird as that is an odd thing to ask while in the mens toilets. I replied yes I am and he then looked quite shocked and I just answered with its fine I am not offended by what your said. He then went on to say he does use the gay card to get close to girls as they wont feel threatened. Now this did annoy me, because that is wrong on so many levels. It is also not going to work as if you met someone by doing this you would at some point have to tell them the truth and they would then know you were a liar and a bit devious and therefore not the time to have a relationship with although if he has that attitude then he probably isn’t looking for a relationship. Anyway I left and he then went and flirted with a girl (probably using the gay card).

Anyway that’s what has happened to me in the last week. I know this blog is 24 hrs late but hey its the Bank Holiday it’s allowed. So for now I will leave you to go and eat those Easter eggs that are calling you.


Top TV programme of the week : Once Upon A Time

Top song of the week: The Lake Poets – City By The Sea

Book I am currently reading: Sirens by Tom Reynolds