Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks blog. Thank you to those of you who got in touch last week, it was good to hear from you. My French must have been quite bad last week because the number of hits from France were considerably less. Oh well at least I tried. Anyway here is this weeks blog.

This week has been another busy week with work and I think next week will also be the same, but at least the week goes quick. I have tried to find time to relax and enjoy myself though this week. On Tuesday night I went to the theatre. If you are a regular reader of my blog you may remember when I listed my New Years Resolutions. One of these was to go to the cinema and theatre more. Thee cinema was something I would find easy to do, but I knew the theatre would be more difficult. Anyway I booked to see Anne Boleyn at Civic Theatre. The company that was performing was The Globe on Tour and consisted of a first class cast. The play was not surprisingly about Anne Boleyn but told from James I’s point of view. The play had everything I wanted, brilliant actors, good story, humour and even a gay kiss (this did shock some of the older members of the audience and one person behind me said “well that is bit different” in a slightly disapproving tone). What I liked most about the play was the intimacy between the cast and the audience. This may have been helped by the fact that I was on the front row. Before the start of the play the cast came out and started talking to members of the audience and then just went on stage and started. There was no grand start it just happened. This is more authentic for a Shakespearean style performance. I think this was why I enjoyed it so much.

As you can probably guess I really enjoyed the experience of going to the theatre. It had been a long time since I have been and I have remembered the buzz I get from seeing live theatre. One of the reasons why I haven’t been for a long time is that my local theatre hasn’t had many plays of this standard on for a long time. So when I saw this advertised I realised I needed to go and support both the theatre and the decision to put on this type of show. Hopefully because of its great response there will be more shows like this. I have been to the theatre in recent years but usually to see either a musical or a dance show. If think the last time I went to see a play was possibly when I was in Sixth Form and I went to see the RSC. Going to the theatre is a magical experience and for me is only equalled with a visit to a library ( I know this sounds geeky but it is true). I often find that after going to the theatre I start wondering what it must be like to be an actor with a touring theatre group. Each week a new town or city for them and start imagining what they do in their spare time. It seems such a wonderful life but I know that this romantic view is only rose-tinted and that the reality is probably not as nice and maybe through Twitter you can follow the actors and find out for certain. Still it does make me envious that there are such talented people out their. Ah well it’s not to be sadly  but I suppose I can dream. I have booked another theatre trip for next Saturday as I am going to see Titanic the musical which I will report on in next weeks blog.

Today was the London Marathon, which of course I wasn’t taking part in but did watch on the television. Having done the Great North Run last year which half the distance and I know how tough that was I have nothing but total respect to all of those taking part in the Marathon. I hope they are all proud of their achievement no matter what their time was they have done amazingly well.

Well that is it for this week, short and sweet. I will hopefully have a longer blog next week but until then it is bye for now.

Top TV programme of the week : The Voice

Top song of the week: Michael Bolton – How Can We Be Lovers

Book I am currently reading: Sirens by Tom Reynolds