Has summer arrived? Well I’m not sure if it is here to stay but this week the weather has been glorious and certainly help cheer me up a bit.

The week started off a bit rubbish as I had a cold or as it also know Man Flu. It’s never good getting cold but when the weather is warm I do find it hard as my hay fever usually kicks in as well so its two things together. Luckily it has gone now and I have been able to make the most of the nice summer weather. Most lunch times and break time have involved me sitting outside enjoying the sun. It really has helped cheer me up this week and looking at the last few blogs I probably needed something. It has just given me time to think and make the most of simple things. There is nothing nicer than sitting outside in the sun with a good book and my iPod on.  The sunny weather has also helped me discover the Strawberry & Cream Frappuccino at Starbucks. It is delicious although it won’t help me with my attempt to lose some weight.  Oh well it is ok for the occasional treat I’m sure.

I could do with improving my fitness though. Since completing the Great North Run last year I haven’t done anything and I can feel it. I do walk a lot most days to work but I need to get back and do some regular exercise. Maybe not as intense as the training for the Great North Run but I need to do something. With all the hot weather I really feel uncomfortable with how I look. Through my work I seem to be surrounded my a lot of beautiful people and this weather we have had just encourages this feeling. I know when I was doing training for the Great North Run I was tired but I felt an improvement and healthier. I will have to look into this more and will keep you posted.

This week it was also the Eurovision Song Contest. I know it has its critics but you have to watch it. Over recent years though it seems to take itself more seriously. Maybe this is a good thing but to be honest most people watch it for the bizarre acts. This years contest was quite serious and featured a lot of ballads which is probably one of the reasons the UK didn’t win, that and the fact we were on first and the song was very dull and of course no one in Europe likes us. This year though there were a few bizarre acts including Turkey’s entry which involved the performers turning into a boat, Cyprus’s act dancing on a table of books, Jedward being well just Jedward and of course the highlight the Russian Grannies. Yep that’s right the highlight of the whole show was the Russian Grannies. They did it all, they sang, danced and even baked cakes on stage how they didn’t win I don’t know. I hope they do raise enough money  to build their Church. The winner this year was Sweden with the song Euphoria. It is a good modern pop song and did deserve to win. I’m not sure what the UK can do to win it. Unless we get a major current act to represent the UK such as Kylie, Adele , One Direction or even dare I say it Susan Boyle. This probably won’t happen so until then we will keep propping up the bottom of the table.

This week it was my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary. This is Ruby and it is such a great achievement. Saying that calling it an achievement seems odd, it’s as if it was a long battle. Maybe it was I don’t know. What I do know is that my parents are amazing and I can’t thank them enough for their support all my life. What does make me sad is that I won’t have this chance to be married for 40 years because I’m not allowed. For me marriage isn’t about a religious commitment but it is a commitment of love to one and other and that should be a right for everyone. Anyway I’m jumping ahead of myself I need to meet someone before any of that.

Well that’s it for this week. So until next week.

Top TV programme of the week : Eurovision Song Contest 2012
Top song of the week: Kylie Minogue – Timebomb

Book I am currently reading: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins