Having had this week off I had planned to have a restful but productive week. The result was neither really but I did get some things sorted out and had a few sleep ins but I could have done more with the time off.
Last time I had a week off I sorted a large part of my room out but I still had some stuff to do. My plan for the week was to try to tackle it. I did do some sorting out especially of my clothes but there are a lot of papers I need to either shred or recycle. Maybe next time I’m off I can find the motivation to do it. In fairness I did loose two days as I deliberately chose not to do anything but relax over the Jubilee weekend. This was because I a)needed to rest and b)I wanted to watch the Jubilee celebrations.
The Jubilee really did divide opinion didn’t it? There are those in favour of the Royal Family and those who are against. Everyone is entitled to their own point of view and mine is that the Royal Family is a good thing for the country. I think I touched on it last year when I was talking about the Royal Wedding. The reasons why I am in favour of the Royal Family are that they are a political safe guard for the country. In public the Queen has never interfered with political issues but I am sure behind the scenes she has stopped many things. When I last talked about this I said she was like Dr Who, side has saved the Country many times and we just don’t realise. The other reason I am in favour of the Monarchy is that it is part our heritage. This week showed we are the best in the world for pomp and ceremony but we just take it for granted. It is only on occasions such as this that we remember this and have pride in ourselves and our country. If you want evidence that the Monarchy is a good thing then just look back to the time of  Cromwell. It didn’t last and that’s why I think it will always be part of this countries political system. You just need to watch the crowds over the Jubilee weekend. If no one cared they would not have been there and in 10 years time for the Platinum Jubilee it will be just the same.
So with this attitude it is no surprise that I watched a lot of the events. I was amazed by the Flotilla on the Sunday. It was like something from the times of Henry VIII.  It was amazing to watch on the TV and must have been even more impressive if you were actually there albeit very wet. I also watched the Jubilee Concert on the Monday. I did enjoy most of the acts but as always there were some exceptions. First of all Cliff Richard, well where do I start. He has had a long (some say too long) career but I think it is time for him to finally retire. He simply hasn’t got it anymore vocally and his dance moves were just embarrassing. The other act I was not impressed with was Paul McCartney. Now I admit I am not a Beatles fan. I do respect the influence on other musicians and British Pop Culture but does he have to finish all national concerts. The nobly song I liked was Live and Let Die but it was not appropriate. The event was meant to be a celebration so it should have had some upbeat songs especially to close the show. Maybe they will learn for next time. Its a bit of a shame that I didn’t do something for the Jubilee. I think for the next Royal Celebration I might have to do something such as a street party or just a party.
Anyway away from the Jubilee celebrations I did do something this week and went to the cinema to see Snow White & the Huntsman and do a little bit of shopping in Newcastle. It was a really nice day with good company and nice food and a good film. I had been looking forward to this film and probably expected too much. It is a good film but Kristen Stewart’s acting is not the best but it is OK. I just hope she doesn’t do a film with Zac Efron because the script writers would face a bit of challenge. On the other side Chris Hemsworth was very good as the Huntsman but I do worry (well not too much) that he might be getting typecast. In Thor he is all manly and swings a hammer in this is also manly (and very wet and muddy) and swings an axe. I am not complaining he is good at this but I am sure he can do more. The only thing I had against the film was the ending. This was just because it left something unclear and had to look the ending up when I got home to see what it actually was. This is not good for a film but overall it was enjoyable and is worth seeing. In shopping news I finally bought a new bag that I have been wanting for a long time. It is great but extremely geeky.
So as well as the Jubilee and a cinema trip and a half-hearted attempt at sorting my room out I have also got my reading mojo back. For a while I haven’t been in the mood for reading and it has taken me a long time to finish some books which I normally would have finished a lot sooner. However I think I may be back on form. I have really enjoyed the last couple of books I have read and I started to plan what I want to read over the Summer. I think the Summer is a good time to read, especially easy-going books, and travel books. I am trying to put together a list of books for me to read so if anyone has any ideas let me know. I am also debating whether to read Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. It is not something I would usually read  and have a feeling that the hype may be just that.  so if anyone has read it then please let me know what you thought and is it worth reading. If anyone wants ideas for themselves I did a list for Summer Reading last year. You should be able to get to it by this link  Summer Reading Ideas .
And finally, this week saw the start of Euro 2012. It is quite unfortunate that the contest is known as the Euros and  that the last two winners of the contest were Spain and Greece both of which have asked for bail outs. Not sure I would want to win this year with that past record. This does bode well though for the team I have in the sweepstake at work as I have Italy. They are already struggling financially so it might be there turn to win.
Well I think that is about it for this week. So until next week that’s it for now.
Top TV programme of the week : Diamond Jubilee Concert
Top song of the week: Gary Barlow & the Commonwealth Band – Sing
Book I am currently reading: The Song Of Achilles by Madeline Miller