After last weeks quiet week it was back to it this week but it has been an enjoyable week at least.
  The week started off with me back at work and catching up on stuff. Although it was only a few days off it seemed to have put me in a better mood at the start of the week. I think I had been annoying a few people so it was probably a good thing to have had a few days off. Now I was back to it and my usual routine. Although my usual routine does get boring it is reassuring to have a routine. I see the same people on the journey to work and on the way home. I sometimes try different walking routes in Durham just for a little change but apart from this it is still the same routine. I could do with breaking it though.
  This week I have realised I haven’t been doing much personally. I am growing more conscious that I am going out even less and then worry I am just letting things drift and that routine is undoing the good work and progress I made last year. The first six months of the year seem to have been drifting and I need to make sure the next six months involve me being more proactive in my personal life. Things are not going to happen by themselves I have to make some sort of change.
  I’ve mentioned before my rubbish ability at flirting well it hasn’t got any better. My gaydar seems to be on full alert at the moment so I have attempted to flirt very subtly. I can do the whole eye contact then look away and then look again etc but I then don’t know where to go from there. I suppose I am hoping they will make the next move. It then involves them getting up and leaving. This happened the other day and just sensed as the passed me to leave that I should have/or they hoped I would say something. Maybe I was wrong but I am starting to think that what if I have missed moments that I should have acted on. Flirting is a tricky thing anyway but when it involves a guy trying to flirt with another guy then it can be a minefield, even the best gaydar in the world can have off days although I think mine is quite reliable I am not always certain. I just need to get out more on the scene and pluck up the courage to speak to a guy. Simple really isn’t it… Gulp!!!!!!!
  This week I discovered the joys of SMASH. No not the delicious powered mash potato from the 70’s & 80’s but a musical programme about Broadway. I have only watched a few episodes so far but I am already hooked and will be trying to catch up on the episodes I’ve missed. It has some great songs as well so I will have to look into getting the soundtrack at some point. Most of the cast have been on Broadway at some point and it made me think that it is a shame the UK has not done something similar with West End stars. Maybe they will one day but the pause for musical TV may have passed by then. Anyway if you like musical theatre then it is worth watching.
  And finally, this weekend I have been on Olympic torch watch. The Torch relay has been in Durham and Darlington over the last two days and I went to the celebration event in Durham on Saturday evening. I had been in two minds to go or not as the weather was not great and I knew it would probably mean standing in a muddy field for a few hours in the wet. However I wanted to see the event so off I went. I got their quite early and managed to get right up to the front of the stage. While we were waiting for the torch to arrive I was bombarded with freebies (it involved flags, paper tambourine thing, wrist band and something inflatable) and got to watch the Gala Stage School do a medley from Les Miserable, the comedy dance duo from Britain’s Got Talent, Twist and Pulse and have music from the Little Comets. I saw them last year at Leeds Festival and liked them so was pleased to see them again. Finally the torch arrived at the event and was carried by TV presenter Matt Baker. As he approached the stage he came right over towards where a little girl was just in front of me and let her touch the torch. It was such sweet thing for him to do and it meant I got  just over an arm’s length from the flame. He then went on stage and lit the cauldron. It was great to be so close to the flame. I love the Olympics and the idea of the flame. I find it quite mystical and it is always sad at the end of the Games to see the flame go out. So to get the chance to be so close to it and feel the heat of it (I know I’m getting a bit dramatic and over the top now) meant a lot to me.
  The next day it was due in Darlington, my home town. I know I had already seen it but I did want to see it and show support for it in the town. So I went for my second experience of the Olympic torch. This was different to the previous day because it wash;t a big event with a stage and music and stuff it was just people lining the route of the torch. It was great to see such large turnout and experience that sense of community. Total strangers were just talking to each other, the police were driving past smiling and waving and high fiving the crowds. It was just a nice event. If you are wondering am  going to see it again, then the answers no I am not an Olympic torch stalker honest. I just wanted to go to the celebration event at the end of the day and see it in my home town.
  Well after a week of rubbish flirting attempts and seeing the Olympic flame I wonder what next week holds for me.
Celeb Spot
Matt Baker
Paul Collingwood
Top TV programme of the week : Once Upon A Time
Top song of the week: Cheryl – Call My Name
Book I am currently reading: The Wild Things by Dave Eggers