Wow six months are already order and we are half way through the year so it is time for my review of my New Year Resolutions and see how well I am doing. This an extra blog this week and not instead of my usual Sunday one  So here are the resolutions I made in January and the progress/lack of progress that’s has been made.

1) Go to the cinema & theatre more

OK I admit this was probably the easiest of my resolutions which might be why I have done well on this so far. I have already been to the cinema and theatre more than last year so things are looking good for this resolution. I do plan to keep this going for the six months. There are so many films I want to see this year and such great stuff on at local theatres. I also hope to see a West End show this year.

2)  Sort out finances

This wasn’t a major problem but I did want to do more in this area. I have made a lot of progress and have spreadsheets and budgets and lists and stuff and hopefully will be in s better position in the next 12 months so that I can do resolution number 4.

3) Go on dates

OK so it has taken me to resolution number three before I had to admit I haven’t done anything in this area. This is something I need to do and make more of an effort with.  This will only happen with me going out more and trying to meet people. Only I can do this. This is actually a tough resolution to do as I know it is up to me to try to meet people but I can’t make them go on dates. The problem I have is summed up in the Westlife song ‘If I Let You Go’ with the line “I’m too shy to ask, I’m to proud to lose but sooner or later I’ve got to choose”. I need to man up and make the first move because so far waiting for someone to ask hasn’t worked.


4) Get my own place

Realistically I don’t think this will now happen this year but never say never as  lot of things can happen in six months but this is the most likely one not to be achieved this year.

5) Improve appearance

This is another resolution I need to work on more and will probably help with number three. Since I stopped training for the Great North Run I have felt my unfitness start to return so I could do with going to the gym again or maybe swimming. I could do with trying to improve my dress sense as well. It is not terrible but a bit of work on it would a good thing. I have said before on my blog how I want to dress smarter but the nature of the work I do is not always suitable for shirt and tie.  I need to find that compromise between smart and casual and dressing appropriate for my job.

6) Get out more / have fun

I have been going out but not much. This is certainly a resolution where I can say it is work in progress. I suppose I could start saying yes more like I used to and more importunity arrange night out/ trips myself. I am sure people would do things. They may not be big nights out or trips but it is still doing something.

7) Get a new hobby

So far there is no progress on this resolution. I have even stopped going to Hospital Radio. At the moment I want to slow things down and sort myself out and this will involve new hobbies but I still need to work on what I want to do. I think it will be something creative though so that is a starting point.

8) Have a holiday

So far I have nothing arranged so work certainly needs to be done in this area of my life. I am thinking of a long weekend somewhere. I haven’t been to London for a few years now and I may do this after the chaos of the Olympics has gone. It is something I have been thinking about but need to put into action soon.

9) Be happy

It seems such a little thing but I suppose it is crucial to the success of all the other resolutions I have made. I am fairly happy with myself and things but I know I can do more. Those of you who read my blog regularly  will know the things that bother me or are a concern and they still are but I just have to work through them. I have a great family and amazing friends so that is the basis of happiness I just need to relax and have more fun.

So that is my mid-year review of my resolutions. As you can see there is a lot of work to still be done but I think there are more things I can still achieve this year. You will have to keep following my blog to see how things go.

For regular readers who are surprised at blog on a Saturday don’t worry there will still be my usual Sunday blog tomorrow.

As Annie sings ‘tomorrow is only a day away’ so I will be back blogging then.