This week has been an average week for me.  Nothing exciting or out of the ordinary has happened. It has just been a run of the mill week. Anyway here are the things that have been on my mind this week.
Probably like many people in the country I am sick of the rain and getting wet on my way to work. It is meant to be summer but most of the time this week is has felt like autumn. The rain has also brought out every slug and snail and its like walking through a minefield on the way to work trying not to step on one. I always dread that crunch when you realise that despite your best efforts you have stood on a snail. It makes you start the day of feeling bad doesn’t it. It is like some sort of metaphor if you go at a snail’s pace you will get stood on and crushed.I had better get a move on then. Hopefully we will get some nice weather at some point this year. I really wish I could escape for a week or so to the sun but I don’t think it is going to happen this year. I think my best bet would be to start planning next years holiday now.
Many of you who are regular readers of my blog will know I am currently reading Fifty Shades Of Grey . I am just over half way through it and if I am honest it is a struggle and at one point I nearly gave up on it this week as it was almost too much for me. The thing that stopped me is that I don’t like to give up on books. I like to see them through until the end so I am persevering with it. When I finish it I will do a review of it on my blog. I decided to read it because I wanted to know what the hype was all about. Very few books get the level of publicity that this book is getting at the moment. The other night on my train journey home I saw four other people reading it. These were just paper copies. There may have been more people reading it on Kindles or iPads but they are more discrete as you can’t see the front cover. The book has also been responsible for an increase in people using local libraries as they are wanting to read the book. After all the publicity and campaigning by libraries to stay open and get more borrowers it seems that all they needed was an erotic fiction novel. I can’t say I am surprised it is just one step up from Mills & Boon which hugely popular in public libraries so this is just the next step I suppose.
This week one of my relatives from South Africa has been over visiting while on business. It is great to see her again even if it is just a quick visit. She very kindly gave me a CD of singers/bands from South Africa. I love discovering new music so I am really pleased with the CD and have discovered some new artists to listen to. She also had some magazines and newspapers from South Africa. I always enjoy reading these things from other countries. It is just nice to have a different perspective on topical issues. I also like the mundane things such as television schedules and adverts. I like to see what programmes are on elsewhere in the world and what things on offer. I know I am not going to watch them or buy these things but they still have some interest.
This weekend I have tried to have a relaxing time. I went into on Saturday and it was the NEXT sale. I used to enjoy finding bargains in the sale but not now. It is too much effort. for some reason the NEXT sale is worse than any of them. Maybe it is because they open at 4am and are creating demand by doing this. Anyway I was in town about lunchtime and thought I would have look in. normally by this time the store would be like a bomb site and only have odd sizes left or really bad shirts. When I went in I saw a jacket/blazer that I have been pining over for the last few months. This doesn’t usually happen. It is very rare for me to see something like this that I really want but I couldn’t justify the £75 price tag so I was just looking at it. However this weekend in the sale it was there in my size reduced to just £35. I have been trying to be good this month but this was too good to give up so I very excitedly bought it. Not only is it good value but will help me with my resolution of trying to improve my appearance and dressing smarter. So it was a win win situation all round really.
Well that is it for this week. I told you it was just a mundane and average week. Thanks to those who have given feedback over the last few weeks. It is really to have. So until next time.
Top TV programme of the week : The Town That Never Retired
Top song of the week: Newton Faulkner – Clouds
Book I am currently reading: Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L James