First things first my apologise to those regular readers for the lateness of this blog. It is a day late but I have had a busy weekend so I didn’t get chance to devote the time that is needed to it. I hope the wait is worth it and here it is.
I have finally finished reading Fifty Shades Of Grey. I said I was going to write a blog reviewing the book and I will do that hopefully this week. All I will say is that I am glad I have finished it and have no plans to read the other two books in the trilogy. Saying that it isn’t as bad I thought it was going to be although I did have a moment where I nearly flung the book but I hate giving up on a book no matter how bad it is. Anyway I will give a more detailed review in a special blog soon so keep an eye out for it.
I said at the start of the blog I had a busy weekend. On Saturday I went to a family BBQ which was also my first BBQ of the year and quite likely my last if the summer carries on like this. I love my family and it is good to see them all as we don’t do it as much as we used to however I do go with some trepidation. It’s not that I don’t get on with them far from it is just that there is always the usual Q&A session. You know what I mean the ‘are seeing you anyone?’ ‘Have you learnt to drive yet?’ ‘How’s the job?’ ‘Still doing the same thing? ‘You get the idea as we all go through it no matter what our age is. I have noticed though that since coming out the question ‘Are you seeing anyone?’ hasn’t been mentioned as much. Not that it matters the answer is the same as before. Anyway I arrive at the BBQ in my new t-shirt (white) Team GB. I get a glass of rose and start talking to family members. I foolishly have my back to the open door of the conservatory. Just at this moment my Uncle quite forcibly pat/smacks me on the back and my wine leaves the glass and goes all over my new now slightly pink t-shirt as well as on the floor and some chairs and I look like a non sexy contestant in a wet t-shirt competition. I know it was an accident as he didn’t realise I had a glass in my hand but at that moment so many emotions went through my head. I didn’t know whether to shout, scream ,cry,  laugh so I did what any 31 yr old male would do in this situation, I ran to the toilet (OK I know most wouldn’t do that I’m just trying to justify my weak actions). I surveyed the damage and realised I had to change the t-shirt because a) it was very wet and b)I wanted to reduce the risk of staining. I went back out and said I was going to have go home to change and I got a lift from my cousin (Thank You). I dashed in the house put t-shirt in some water to soak and changed into another top and we then returned to the BBQ. This wasn’t the best of starts to a night which as I have said I was looking forward to but there were some nerves. The rest of the BBQ was a big success and it was nice to see everyone and chat and laugh but I could have done without the stressful start. Thankfully the t-shirt is also OK so that is a relief as well so it all ended good.
The other reason why the blog is late is because on Sunday evening (when I usually do my blog) I was out at a comedy night. It was Sarah Millican and friends. It was a good night and the second time this month that I have seen her. She is currently doing these preview shows to try out new material so some of the things I had heard at the start of the month but there was some new stuff. The MC for evening was Jonathan Mayor who was brilliant and I hope he goes on to big things in the future. I especially liked it when he started reading out a passage from Fifty Shades Of Grey and was just mocking it. I wish he did the audiobook I would buy that. Anyway it was a good night if not a very hot one as it was a very packed room and it was very hot from the warm weather and all the people in there.
The rest of the week I have just been busy at work and on an evening watching Superstar. I love my musicals I know that is a big stereotype but it is true in my case) however Jesus Christ Superstar is not one that I am a fan of. Granted it has some good songs but the concept just doesn’t appeal. Saying that I am still watching the show but this time it is on ITV who in their wisdom have decided to show it every week night. This means a lot of time dedicated to the show. I think my favourite is Ben. This is because 1)he is from Sunderland 2) he is a very talented singer/actor and 3)he has the sexiest eyes ever. All of which I am sure are valid reasons to get the role of Jesus. Anyway we will have to see who does get it this week.
So that is what I have been up to this week but there has been something that has been annoying me for the last few weeks and that is the attitude of parts of the media towards the Olympic Games. This Friday the greatest sporting event will take place in the UK my home country. I will never see this again in my lifetime and I am really pleased to have the Games in the UK. From the beginning when we won the bid right through to now I have always supported the Olympics and Team GB and I think most people in the country share this as well. You only have to look at the millions of people who turned out in all weathers to see the torch pass by. However if you listen or watch or read a lot of the news coverage you would think that the whole country was against it and wished it wasn’t happening. I accept some people do think like this but I say stop whinging it is happening so get over it and support The Olympics, the Para Olympics and the Cultural Olympiad (it’s not all sport you know) and be proud that it is happening. From day one parts of the media have knocked London 2012. Here are some of the things that they moaned about:
1)We won’t win the bid
We were meant to stand no chance and they said it was a waste of time and money. But they were wrong we got it.
2)The building of the stadiums will be late
They were built on time and apparently within budget and look amazing.
3)No one will buy tickets
The demand for tickets is high and most people in the country probably did apply. The problem was not all of them were affordable to the average person but most of them have been sold and those which are left are for slightly lesser sports or are the very top end tickets. It is still better than some previous host countries though
4)No one will come out to see the touch relay
Millions of people have turned out to watch the touch pass by in their village or town or city and it was a big occasion for many people.
Ok there has been a problem here but the situation has now been resolved and once the Games are over an investigation can take place. In the mean the lets say Thank You to the troops for coming to the rescue and probably making the Games safer than ever.
6)The Opening Ceremony won’t be as good as Beijing
Yes Beijing did an amazon Opening Ceremony but remember we are the best at pomp & pageantry and we can do fireworks just as good. We have some of the World’s best musicians and we will put on a show that represents us. We might not like quaint British things which are going to appear in the show but remember that is what the rest of the World likes about us. They love  our eccentric humour and wit we need to accept ourselves more.
These are just some of the issues parts of the media have whinged about. I admit there have been problems but things seem to be getting sorted and all big occasions have teething problems. Nothing runs smoothly in life whether that is someones wedding day, or graduation, or putting on the biggest Sporting event in the World. They all have to have some problems. So my plea to you my blog readers [Jerusalem is softly playing in the background] is let’s get behind Team GB and support them over the next few weeks and stop knocking our moment to shine. If other countries want to do it then that’s up to them but we need to take this moment to say ‘actually you know what we are Great’ and forget about all of this self-doubt.
OK that is my little rant over with. I do mean it lets just enjoy the Games and our Country.
Top TV programme of the week : Superstar
Top song of the week: Titanium by David Guetta Ft Sia
Book I am currently reading: Three Men In A Boat by Jerome K. Jerome