I don’t usually do book reviews on my blog (although I am thinking of doing a book blog) but I have talked and debated a lot about the pro’s and con’s of Fifty Shades Of Grey that I thought it was only fair that I gave my thoughts on the book that seems to have got millions of people around the world reading and talking about it. It is rare for a book to have this effect on so many people. The only other book I can think of recently that did something on this scale was Harry Potter but that was a different type of book. Anyway here is my review good and bad of the most talked about book of the year.


A girl called Anastasia Steele is about to finish college/university. Before finishing she interviews a successful entrepreneur by the name of Christian Grey. She has never had a boyfriend before and becomes fixated with the mysterious Mr Grey. He also becomes obsessed with her and expresses stalker tendencies which only appear to concern her slightly. He showers her with cars, MacBooks, gliding, helicopter rides, 1st editions of Tess of the D’Urbervilles in an attempt to impress her. Ana falls in love with him but he doesn’t do relationships he just does well lets call it ….pleasure. He wants her to be part of this and offers her a contract outlining what she is prepared to do and not to do. For a long time she tries to decide what she should do while at the same time she indulges in his pleasures.

This essentially is what happens in the first book all 514 pages of it. There are a lot of sex scenes as well which has helped make the book the success it has become. It is too easy just to dismiss the book so I will try to give the good and bad points of the book.


  • I like the attempt by E.L James to include references to Tess of the D’Urbervilles. This to some could be seen as a cliche but I do think it works well and does add some genuine depth to the story.
  • It tackles the issues that surround an unhealthy relationship i.e. controlling, obsessive behaviour .
  • It has boosted the number of people visiting public libraries.
  • People who would not normally read often are reading this. This is a good thing.
  • It is a debut novel and is readable (just). I have read a lot worse first novels than this.
  • It did engage me though (not like that). Christian Grey is not the type of guy I would like but he did make an impression on me which I didn’t expect.


  • It is badly written.
  • I don’t like either of the main characters. I find Ana  quite foolish and naive and think she needs to grow up sometimes. Christian Grey is not a nice man. He has a lot of issues going on (Fifty Shades), he selfish and at times soulless.
  • It is over hyped.
  • At times the writing is very cheesy e.g. ‘her very own Christian Grey popsicle’.
  • It wasn’t very believable. She lands a job straight after uni, gets wealthy boyfriend. This does not happen in real life at all.

I admit I know that this is just personal opinion and that the book’s target audience was not a gay 31yr old man. However this is what I thought about the book. I have no plans to read the other two books in the trilogy but at least I have given it a go and given it a chance. It wasn’t a terrible book although there was a moment early on in the book where I nearly flung the book across the room because it was bad. However the librarian in me told me to give it chance and I am glad I have persevered with it. If you are curious about the book then read it it but if you have a better offer then you may want to go with that.

I give the book 4/10.