Wow what an emotional week it has been. I am guessing that many of you like myself have been addicted to the Olympics (if not then why not?) and it will feature a lot in this weeks blog. I have also had a lot going on personally so I am quite glad it is the weekend so I can try to rest and relax a little.

Early on in the week it was my managers last day. This was a very difficult day for everyone as we all have a huge amount of respect for her and she has done so much for a lot of people. I was off on holiday that day but I had to go in to say goodbye as I didn’t want to miss my chance. I was already feeling a bit low and it was struggle to keep the tears at bay but I just managed it. I can’t thank her enough for everything she did for me and I will miss her a lot.

Thankfully with all this personal emotion floating around it was good to be distracted and preoccupied with the Olympic Games. I had a couple of days holiday at the start of the week to watch some of the events and have done the same for the week coming up. I have been glued to the TV and web watching the Olympic coverage. There is certainly no escaping it on BBC and the various interactive channels. I am not a big sports fan but this week I have watched so many different sports. I have also found myself on a number of occasions checking to see what other events are on. All other TV shows have been put on hold (or should I say record) until then end of the Olympics. The exception was SMASH which I did watch but that is the only non Olympic show. I am so impressed with the work and effort that all the athletes  have put in and it makes me wish I had tried harder at school in PE. I was rubbish at PE and remember my feeble attempts at gymnastics, track and field, tennis, hockey, football, you get the idea.  I did get my 50 metres swimming badge but that is as close as I could get to an award at school. I do have my Great North Run medal as feel and I am pretending it is a silver medal (I can but dream). Last night I was screaming at the TV for Mo Farah to win the 10000 metres. He is such a great athlete and I wanted him to have the success he deserves. Last year at the Great North Run he was at the start line wishing all the competitors good luck and that really did help me get through the ordeal of the half marathon, so last night was my way of saying thank you. I am sure I wasn’t the only one shouting at their television set last night.

At the end of this blog I have listed the various sports that I have watched this week, but I want to talk about one that has really got me hooked this week and that is Beach Volleyball. I have never watched a Beach Volleyball match before this week and I am now addicted to the sport. Now I know a lot of men are interested in this sport but I am not most men and the women in bikini’s obviously don’t do anything for me and the men are not that hot (thankfully the swimmers compensate for this). The attraction for me is actually watching the crowd. It is just one big party. The crowd sing, dance, cheer, wave and then there is the timeout dancers (sadly the TV coverage for some reason doesn’t show this but you are aware it is going on) who are dancing to Gloria Estefan and Benny Hill. It is good to watch during the day but it seems to really come alive at night and I have found myself this week watching late at night the USA vs Austria match (yeah I know Austria don’t have beaches as it is landlocked). I think I enjoy watching it at night because it has the American holiday feel to it which reminds me of my holiday to Florida. I have watched it most nights and I will be quite sad when this event finishes. I now want to go to a proper match and did look to see if the Commonwealth Games which will next be in Glasgow has the event. Sadly it won’t for those games. I will have to keep an eye out for any competitions to go to.

As well as being sucked into watching various sports I have also been struck by the campness of the London Olympics. This is not a bad thing but I am surprised at it. First there are the colours used for the venues. These consist of fuchsia pink, purple and bright blue. The hockey pitch is the most striking. They are not horrible to look at but it is extremely camp design. As well as the colour we have the Team GB mascot which is called Pride, then we have the outfits for the  male swimmers and rowers while listening to commentary such as ‘they have all risen to the occasion’, well that is one way of describing it. I am not complaining and I have to admit this may be part of the appeal for me and it is in keeping with the traditional Olympics where it involved naked men wrestling each other.

Another thing I have been struck by while watching the Olympics is how the athletes deal with disappointment. Most of the athletes have been working for the last four years towards this event and many are left missing out or coming second or third or fourth etc. I can understand how upsetting this can be for them to get so close but fulfil their aims but hey should not feel they have to apologise to the Nation. There is no shame in coming second or third or fourth etc. You are competing in the Olympic Games which is something most people will never be able to say. We are in awe of all the achievements that have been made and you should be proud. This is something that I will take away from watching the games. We all have setbacks and disappointments in our lives but something else does come around. Today I watched Andy Murray win the Gold medal in the Olympics at Wimbledon. Just a few weeks ago he played against the same opponent in the Wimbledon Final where he lost. He was devastated but just a few weeks later in the same place he is a winner. So I know it sounds cheesy but things do really work out and often when you least expect it. I am just waiting for my moment.

That is it for this week. I hope it is less emotional for me but I not sure I can promise that. Anyway I hope you all have a good week and enjoy the rest of the Olympics.

Sports watched this week:

Beach volleyball, swimming, football, basketball, gymnastics, badminton, hockey, cycling, tennis, triathlon, heptathlon, mens 10000 metres, long jump, tennis, diving, women’s 100 metres, archery, volleyball,  trampolining, rowing,

Top TV programme of the week : The Olympics

Top song of the week: The Climb by Joe McElderry
Book I am currently reading: Private Games by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan