Wow I can’t believe that tonight the London Olympics finish. For seven years it seems that as a Nation we have all been geared up to it actually happening and now after a couple of weeks it is over. I am so pleased it has been such a success and silenced those doubters. We have exceeded the number of medals we aimed for, we are 3rd in the medal table which is astonishing and there is such a good feeling around the Country I can only imagine the buzz in London itself. It has also been a great way to show the rest of the World what we are like and what a great place it is to visit. I know there are troubles here in the UK and around the World but for the last few weeks it has been good to forget them and just enjoy the success of our athletes. After the Closing Ceremony tonight we will all have that end of the holiday feeling. Hopefully we can hold on to some of this enthusiasm and be inspired by the things we have seen. The thing that has really struck me is how a lot of athletes have struggled over the last four years both personally and professionally but have somehow managed to still find the strength and courage to compete in the Olympics. They have had their ups and downs but it has been worth it and that is something we can all use in our lives. I know I certainly could especially after this week.

Once again this week I have watched various sports and as I mentioned last week I have really got into watching Beach Volleyball or should I say watching the crowds etc at the Beach Volleyball. I was finding myself get into a nightly routine where I would watch some Beach VolleyBall just before going to bed. Now it is over and I will miss my rakey rakey time and the finger waving and the timeout music. Oh well in four years time I can do it all again. The other sport I have watched a lot of this week is the Diving. This was mainly to support Tom Daley for Team GB (I was so pleased he got a medal) but I also wanted to watch/support the Australian Matthew Mitcham. The reason being that he is one of only a few openly gay athletes competing in the Olympics. He was the current Olympic champion as well. Sadly he didn’t make it to the final which is a shame, he even said that if he won he was going to dive naked. Not that this was an influence in my decision to support him (well partly). The main reason was because he was openly gay and is a great role model to others. For some reason there is a lack of openly gay athletes/sports people. 14,690 athletes took part in the London Olympics and out of them only 23 of them are openly gay. Just 4 of them men!!!! Now I’m not great at maths but I am sure that ratio doesn’t work when reflecting society. All the athletes taking part are role models for those of us watching and are meant to inspire. I want to see more gay role models in sport. Sport is not just for straight people it’s for everyone no matter what religion, sexuality, race etc you are. Hopefully by the time Rio comes around there will be more especially from Team GB. Another thing about the diving that struck me (no not that) was the close-ups of the divers feet when they were doing a handstand on the diving board. I admit doing a handstand on a diving board 10 metres up in the air is impressive (I can’t even do one on the ground) but there is no need for the cameras to zoom in on their feet wiggling away like that is there? for those of you who know me  have a phobia of feet. Yes they have their uses but they are ugly yes even a hunky diver has ugly feet.

Well thats my Olympic commentary finished. Here is what else has been going on with me.  Once again this week I was in a bit of bad mood. This seems to be happening too often and I only have myself to blame. It all about my self belief and confidence or should that be lack of it. I know I have some great things in my life such as my friends and family and I do a job I love but I just don’t have the confidence in myself and I am letting this effect aspects of my life. I also fear that I am stuck in a rut and I need to break this routine. I need to go out more as well. I have said this many times before but its true and I am not going to meet someone if I don’t. This week in Darlington it was Pride on Monday night. I was off work the next day so I had no excuse not to go but I didn’t. I wanted to and did think about it but managed to talk myself out of it and regretted it afterwards. That’s twice this year I have had the opportunity to go out on the scene and I have used things as an excuse not to do it. I know it is only me and my self-doubt stopping me do this and I need to change that. Easier said than done I suppose. I might plan bit night out one weekend. I am sure this isn’t the only reason I am feeling down but I think it is the main one and I need to tackle one thing at a time.

That’s it for this week. Hopefully I will be in a better mood this week.

Sports watched this week:

Beach volleyball,  gymnastics, hockey, cycling, triathlon, diving, 100 metres, canoe sprint, equestrian show jumping, handball, boxing, 5000 metres.


Top TV programme of the week : The Olympics

Top song of the week: Scream by Dizzee Rascal 
Book I am currently reading: French Revolutions by Tim Moore