This week seems to have gone so slowly. Is it really just a week ago that the Olympic finished? It seems like distant dream now. Monday morning was weird wasn’t it? It was the day after the 17 days before and the whole nation seemed tired after watching the Closing Ceremony. This might seem like a sweeping generalisation but I think it is fair to say a lot of people were feeling this easy judging by the posts on Twitter. It was that post holiday feeling when you have to go back to work for the first time and you realise everything is back to normal. Only this time it was the whole country thinking the same.  There was no more asking ‘have we won any medals today?’ or shouting at the TV to support a member of Team GB. Instead it was back to normal TV programmes, the usual routine, depressing stories in the news. Well at least we had those couple of weeks. London 2012 it was a joy to watch and thank you for making people happy. 

The week also started off badly as I broke my electric shaver. It was near the end anyway and I did need a new one but dropping it in the sink didn’t help and it just fell to bits. This was not good when I was on a strict time schedule and hadn’t planned for this mini disaster.This meant that I have had to have a wet shave each day.  Now ‘whats the problem with that?’ I hear you say. Well first of all it is quicker with an electric shaver. This is important on a morning as I don’t have much time especially since I have started having breakfast again. The other reason is that I am always scared I am going to do a Sweeney Todd on myself when I do a wet shave minus the pies of course. Finally I have issues with shaving foam. Shaving foam tends to really irritate my skin which means redness and spots which is not a good look. I suppose the other alternative is not shave but I don’t think I could pull off the stubbly/beard look. If I don’t shave each day I feel dirty and unclean so the thought of attempting to have a beard is certainly not appealing. I thought this was also the case with my taste in men but the more I have thought about it the guys I have been with or are usually attracted too tend to have some facial hair. I’m not saying the Gandalf look does it for me but stubble to light beardness is ok ,throw in some glasses and its near perfect (sorry too much info) . Nothing too hairy though as I think that will just be awkward. The good news though is that I have now replaced my shaver and I can forget those wet shaves and not have to worry about cutting myself.

In last weeks blog I said I was fed up of not doing things and letting life just pass me by. One of the many things that does get me down is that I don’t do much on a weekend. Every weekend is the same for me and it just getting me down. I need to start making the most of my weekend rather than the usual food shopping, and tidying and coffee on a Sunday. I know this isn’t a bad life but I need to do things and make the most of the weekends. So today I went to the cinema to see Brave in 3D. Now I know this a Disney film but sometimes we all need a bit of Disney in our lives. Also most gay guys seem to like Disney films. I suppose it is because we are all looking for our own Prince Charming plus they tend to be musicals as well. It was slightly embarrassing though as I had pre booked my ticket. It was for the Sunday morning screening which if you have been to will know is dead. I get there and go to collect my ticket from the counter with my reference number. The member of staff then says is it just the one ticket yeah and then print my booking off without the number. It’s as if the system had sad single guy on the computer and I met the description. Anyway after that little embarrassment I did enjoy the film. Disney Pixar know how to make stunning films. It might not be in the same league as Toy Story but it is lovely film and worth seeing especially Mums and daughters together as it is about their relationship. It would have been nice to have shared the experience with someone though, oh well. Its little things like this that I need to do more often. I need to get out more and enjoy my free time. Nothing is going to happen if I don’t go out and hopefully I have made a start.

Well that is all for this week. Thanks for reading.

Top TV programme of the week : The Olympic Closing Ceremony

Top song of the week: Mary’s in India by Dido
Book I am currently reading: French Revolutions by Tim Moore