Sorry this weeks blog is a day late this is because of a last-minute decision to go out last night so I didn’t get around to writing this blog. It is after all a bank holiday weekend so I still think today is acceptable to post the blog. I am very tired though and I think I will be having an early night tonight.

First of all I want to say thank you to those of you who got in touch with me about my mid-week blog post. It meant a lot and for those asking there is nothing you can do to help it is all down to me. I realised that I never went through the moody teenage phase and I think that’s whats going on now. God help everyone. I know things will get sorted but at times it does get to me and that’s why I did that blog post. It is after all why I started my blog. My blog is my way of dealing with things in my head. I struggle to ask people for help and support so this way I can let people know whats going on and why I might not seem myself. It was my way of getting things out of my head rather than explode at someone direct for the smallest thing which is what I usually do. Nothing has changed but I am just trying to get on with it.

This week my commute to work has been annoying. Why I hear you ask well basically its tourists/holiday makers. My morning routine to the station is tight and is perfected to a strict time schedule due to me struggling to wake up on a morning. The last thing I need is holiday makers who have not been on a train for year trying to swipe though the barrier with their receipt rather than their ticket or all deciding to queue for coffee while those of us daily coffee drinking commuters have to decide to push their luck and queue in the hope that they will still make their train or wait until their destination for coffee. I understand the enjoyment of having a coffee on a long journey but usually these holiday commuters have arrived at the station with plenty of time to spare. They seem to forget its only the airport you have to check in early not the train station. Don’t they realise how bad my day will be if I don’t have a coffee not to mention my work colleagues. I think all holiday makers getting the train should only be allowed on the train after 9am to allow normal commuters to carry on as normal.

The other thing to annoy me this week, well actually they annoy me all the time but this week they really pushed the limits, I am of course on about chuggers. Those charity collection people who jump out at you waving a clipboard. I understand charities are struggling and that they need income but all chuggers do is annoy people. Often on my way home I have to pass 4 or 5 of them on the same stretch of path. Each time I say ‘sorry I don’t have time’. Which is true as I am dashing to get my train home. This week this happened now it was the same day as my previous blog which for those of you who have read it will know I wasn’t in the best of moods but I did say ‘I’m sorry I don’t have time’. This chugger then turned around and said ‘well that’s just terrible’ to make out that I was a bad person. I really resent them trying to make people feel guilty. I give to charity through other means and as some of you know I used to volunteer as well. Not everyone wants to stop and give out their bank details in the middle of the street and the other thing is most of these chuggers are only doing it for the commission and not because they care about the charity they happen to be robbing for. OK robbing is harsh but it really goes against all the amazing work charities do on a daily basis. It’s funny its against the law to shake a bucket for donations but it is legal to harass people on a daily basis and make them guilty. That is not right.

Despite this stress as the start of the week things have got better as the week has gone on and it was nice to go out last night it was just what the doctor ordered I think. On Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of little birds pecking at my window. It was like I was in some sort of Disney film but with less songs. The other option is that it was a scene from The Birds but I think I will stick with the Disney image. Hopefully I will have a happy ending. I wonder which Disney character I am. Answers please.

Finally I want to discuss embarrassing songs on people’s iPods. We all have them some more than others and it got me thinking about mine. Now I know most of my friends think my entire iPod is embarrassing but that is not the case. So I thought I would confess what I think are some of mine and maybe you can let me know yours. So here they are.

LMFAO – Sexy & I Know It (it is also currently my most played)

One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

S Club 7 – Bring It All Back

Ricky Martin – Livin La Vida Loca and also She Bangs

Steps – Various

Jedward – Lipstick

Supersister – Coffee

I could go on but it is getting late and there is plenty there for you all to groan at. Please do let me know yours maybe we could do a chart of the most embarrassing.

Thanks for being patient with me this week and sorry for the lateness of the blog. Until next week its bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Once Upon A Time

Top Song of the Week – Cast of Evita – Another Suitcase Another Hall

Book I Am Currently Reading – French Revolutions by Tim Moore