What a long and tiring week this has been. I often find this when I have had a short week at work because of a Bank holiday. I think it’s because you spend your time trying to work out what day it actually is. I am also in desperate need of a break. Thankfully I have a week off in a weeks time so hopefully I will get chance to relax or chillax as they call nowadays.

At the start of the week I had a bit of a scare with my iPod. Maybe last weeks blog was my way of tempting fate as my iPod just stopped working. I noticed when I left work it wouldn’t switch on and I just thought the battery must have run out although I was certain I had charged the other day. I got home and then plugged it into the charger expecting to see the little Apple sign come on, but instead their was nothing. Not a flicker. I now start getting anxious so I decided to plug it into my MacBook. It’s bound to register on there I say to myself in desperate whimper and it will be ok. So I do this and still nothing. Normally it would be listed under my iTunes list but it wasn’t there. The day I had been dreading was here. My iPod is what keeps me going on my daily commute. Its my way of blocking out the world, my portal to escape through, my wardrobe to Narnia (OK I’m getting carried away now). But no Dorian Gray was dead (yes I named my iPod Dorian Gray that’s not weird is it??? and no before you ask I don’t have a painting of it in the attic). So I’m in my bedroom holding my iPod saying ‘please come back’ which obviously isn’t going to work and makes me look even more ridiculous. I am just about resigned to the fact that I am going to have to buy a new iPod when I think I’ll just check online to see if there is any tips on restoring it. It turns out that if you press the middle button and the menu button at the same time for ten seconds it can restore the iPod. I had nothing to lose so I lay the iPod down flat and prepared to resuscitate it. I press the buttons and count ‘1,2,3…..9,10’ as if I am doing compressions and then it flickers and is back and I shout ‘its a alive’. It’s like a scene from a geeky version of E.R . To be sure it was OK I connected back up to my Macbook as if it was some sort of life support machine. Thankfully it all seems ok now and I have got over the scare.

I did have some very bad news this week. I rang up my hairdressers to book an appointment to get my haircut and I discover my hairdresser has left – for Paris. This is the same guy who gives the most amazing head massages. To say I am gutted is an understatement. He was a good hairdresser and that’s not easy to find plus he was amazing at the head massage. But this is no longer. The girl who did my hair instead tried her best and yes cut it well but the head massage she attempted was nowhere near. I might have to think about changing or just hope he decided to come back.

I have also had an ordeal buy some new trainers. I found a pair I liked and bought them online at JD Sports. I paid for the next day delivery as I knew I had a bit of a busy weekend sorting some things out and this would save some time. The trainers arrived Saturday afternoon. I open them up they look good but I notice only one has a lace.  I check the box, inside of the shoe everything but nothing I only have one lace. I then ring JD Sports up and because of how I paid online they said I can’t sort it out in the store (this was not made clear on the website)but they would send out some new laces and I should get them this week sometime. Now the thing is I paid for next day delivery so I expect them to be delivered the next day which they were but I also expect to be able to wear them as well.  So although they kindly have sent out some new laces and an extra red pair I can’t wear them. I decided I am going to just buy some laces which I do but I will send a complaint to them. I don’t think it would have been a lot to ask for them to say go to the store and pick up your free pair of laces. It would have been easier for them and better for me. Anyway at least I can wear them and they fit and are comfy but I don’t think I’ll be going back there to buy some trainers.

This week I really noticed a change in the seasons. September is without doubt my favourite month of the year. It is a time for new beginnings and a chance to restart the year. Things go back to normal. It’s the time of year you start school or college or go to Uni. The trees start to change colours and it is the last chance to experience some warm weather but the winter arrives. although it is 10 years since I finished uni and I daren’t even think about how long it was since I started school. Still this week I bought myself some new pens and pads ready for the next academic year see I’ve really grown up. Also I do like new stationary always have. It is also the time of the year where I want comfort food and nice jumpers and I usually get my reading bug back. I hope I do as I have really not been in the mood for reading lately. I hate it when I have these struggles. I think it is more to do with my mood in general. I have so many things I want to read but haven’t made much progress. I need to get a move on.

Now I know it is later on in the year but this week I have noticed my first ‘c’ word related things. I have seen ‘c’ themed sweets, and cards and even Santa with a sledge and reindeer with some elves in Durham market place. This is far too early. Don’t get me wrong I like it but wait a few more months before you start with the festivities.

This week it was the start of the Paralympics in London. I defy anyone not to be inspired by those athletes taking part. They have overcome so much and I suppose prove anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work at it. Listening to the various stories about some of the athletes while watching the Opening Ceremony for the Paralympic Games was so moving. It’s a shame the Games are not getting the same level of coverage as the Olympic Games. Channel 4 are doing OK but it is not a patch on the coverage that the BBC could do. Saying that it has got more publicity than previous Games so hopefully it is a move in the right direction.  I also did enjoy the Opening Ceremony but I was a bit bemused why they decided to close with a version of ‘I Am What I Am’. This is a well established gay anthem so didn’t see how it fitted in with the spirit of the games. Don’t get me wrong it s a great song but not right for this occasion.

Well that’s it for this week. I’ll do it all again same time next week.

(Feel free to let me know if you name your iPods so I don’t feel totally weird)

Top Programme of the Week – Paralympics Opening Ceremony

Top Song of the Week – John Barrowman – I Am What I Am

Book I Am Currently Reading – French Revolutions by Tim Moore