For the first time in long time I writing this blog feeling quite relaxed. This is because I have had a week off where I have been able to get some things done and more importantly rest and relax which is something long over due.

I planned to do very little this week. By this I mean nothing dull but just relax and enjoy myself. I started off at the beginning of the week by going to the cinema. The beauty about going to the cinema during the week is that is cheaper and not busy. The film I went to see was Anna Karenina. I have not read the book so went without any expectations and at the end of the day I do like a good costume drama. Ten minutes into the film I realised it was going to be an odd experience because it is largely filmed in an old theatre but it’s not meant to be a theatre if you get what I mean. I could get my head around that if they just did this but then they would do outside shots so it wasn’t consistent. I think they were trying to be too clever for their own good. There was some good acting in it but I have to be honest it wasn’t Keira’s best film (I know and that’s coming from me) maybe she was confused about whether she was doing a film or stage production. Saying that it wasn’t a bad film but I am not too sure it was a good one either. Let me know if you have seen and what you think.

As well as watch odd costume dramas I also caught up with one of my friends who I haven’t seen for a while. It basically involved a nice long (very long) lunch and a good chat and gossip. It was a really nice day and was just what I needed. Its been a long time since I have had a good chat like that an is probably why I feel so relaxed at the moment. So it’s all thanks to them.

Regular readers to my blog or followers on Twitter may know I am really into the TV programme Great British Bake Off. Because of this for some weeks now I have been threatening to bake. Well this week I actually did carry out my threat and made some cupcakes.  In fact I made two separate batches [see pic below]

It has been a long time since I last baked anything at least three years and I forgot how much I enjoyed doing it. I never liked it at school as you were always pressured by time and scary teachers. I made some Thursday and on Saturday. I have decided to try and bake more not only because its fun but I reckon it might help with my search for a boyfriend. Surely a guy who can bake or cook is good catch?? OK some are obsessed with the gym and looks but realistically I know the type of guy who obsesses about fitness and looks aint going to get on with me. I of course I need to progress from just cupcakes but at least it is a start.

So that is all the fun nice stuff I have done this week. The other thing I had to do this week was make an appointment at my doctors. First of all there’s nothing serious but I had some things that were niggling at me and also my foot was hurting a lot. It turns out I have a fallen arch in my foot. This sounds like I need scaffolding but not is not quite that and not as scary as it sounds. Basically I have flat foot. Now I don’t like feet anyway and my friends will testify to that now I find one of mine is flat. anyway its fine and with a support it helps a bit. I wondered if it was a result of the Great North Run but if I am honest it goes back before that I think. I hope so anyway as I do plan on doing it again someday (not yet though).

Talking of the Great North Run I can’t belive it is a year since I did it. Well not quite a year as I did it on the 18th but it is this weekend. This year I sat and watched it at home with coffee and a bacon sandwich but instead of feeling a little smug I felt a bit sentimental watching the runners and the feeling you get when you take part. Don’t get me wrong it is tough but one of the best experiences of my life. So to all of you who are reading this blog and did it this year well done and I hope you enjoyed it as much as me.

So that is it and it is back to normal this week. So back to the morning train commute. At least I feel more relaxed and happy so I’m starting the week off in a good way. So until next week that’s all folks.

Top Programme of the Week – Paralympics Closing Ceremony

Top Song of the Week – Bruno Mars – Count On Me

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Pleasures of Men by Kate Williams