Back to the routine. That’s what the last week has been. Don’t get me wrong that’s not a bad thing but I do feel like it was a long time ago that I was off. I think I have spent most of the week just catching up with stuff. Saying that though its nice to be back to see friends. I am a lucky guy as I work with people who are not only colleagues but also good friends. I even missed the train journey to work although after a few days of overcrowded trains and the odd delay this feeling nearly went.

Talking about my commute to work I nearly witnessed something bad. I was stood on the platform waiting for my train. I had my coffee in my hand, my iPod on everything was good. I notice in front of me a pigeon. OK nothing odd there, it was on the track doing pigeon stuff. I then realised the train was coming and the pigeon didn’t seem to be bothered. I thought it will fly away it will be fine but there was a little bit of concern there. I looked around and noticed a woman near me was also thinking the same. We never said anything as of course there is the golden rule of commuting – never speak to each other only except when the train breaks down. The train was nearly pulling in and the pigeon was still there. I couldn’t do anything except as the train pulled in I averted my eyes and just hoped it had gone to the other side of the track and was ok. I didn’t want to think I witnessed a death. I glanced over at the woman and she had done the same. We then all got on the train and I was half tempted to look through the window on the other side of the train to see if it was ok or not. I decided no , and went and found a seat. I know it sounds cruel but I couldn’t save it. The next morning though there was no dead pigeon on the track. OK I admit it could have been cleared away but judging by the rubbish that is on the track I doubt that so I am hoping it survived and that I didn’t witness a brutal death.

This week was also a big week for fellow Apple geeks. It was the launch of the IOS 6 software for the iPhone and the launch of iPhone 5. I am a self-confessed Apple geek. I love their design and functionality. There is nothing they can’t do. Well actually it turns out they can’t do maps. Due to a falling out with Google/Microsoft, Apple have created their own map software. Sounds great it is bound to work after all its Apple. Even the mighty Apple can fall and it has with the poor map that has launched . I don’t use the map function loads but it has come in useful when in a new place and I am trying to get some where. Now though I won’t be able to rely on it. I tried it for my home town and it listed a shop in the town centre that closed in 2001!!! That is before the iPhone was even invented. It is a major step backwards for a technology firm. However there are some big improvements especially regarding Siri. It will now open apps for you by speaking to it and I can even tweet by just speaking into it. I am confident Apple will sort these bugs out and they will be back on form or at the very least just admit Google maps is better and allow the app. With regards to the new handset I haven’t got one yet but I am due an upgrade in the new year and will stick with the iPhone. In the meantime my 4S is fine.

This week I have certainly noticed the change in the weather. It is a lot colder on a night now and the nights are getting shorter. On a morning it is even dark when my alarm goes off. It reminds me that the year is nearly over. We are almost into October and I find that from October to December goes in a blur. It made me think I will write off the rest of the year for anything exciting to happen. I know this sounds like I am defeatist and miserable (maybe I am) but I think in reality that is what it is going to be like. Last year was a big year for me and this year it was the anti climax. Its has been a year for me to stop and reflect and tidy my personal life a bit. Now I have done that I have realised it is not worth starting new things this year. I need to start concentrating now on next year and making that another big year for me. I am not saying I am not going to do anything exciting this year as I can’t predict the future. You never know Prince Charming may come and sweep me off my feet. I will have to wait and see. All I’m saying is that I am expecting a quiet few months but I am happy to be proved wrong.

I said this year was about tidying things up but I have also made a big mistake this year and that’s that I didn’t put myself or my friends first. I threw myself into work and that’s not a bad thing but it hasn’t done much good for me or my wellbeing. All I have noticed is I have become more isolated with people and let friends drift a little. I know that’s life and it happens but it doesn’t have to. At times this year I have been so absorbed in other things and not realised what some friends were going through. I hope I can change this over the next few months and we can all be in a stronger place again for next year.

This feeling of letting friends drift has been on my mind for a while but especially today as after many years of putting off watching the finale to Dawson’s Creek I did it. As a result I found myself blubbing like a baby. When I say blubbing I mean full on sobbing tears, snot the lot (I know loser). Yeah the show is a little silly and bit up itself but I always liked the show. What hit home in the finale was the importance of friendship and also how much I related to the character of Jack in those two final episodes. I know its fictional but just to have that chance of happiness would be nice.

Well I better leave it there for this week before I become to sentimental.

So until next week that’s all folks.
Top Programme of the Week – Downton Abbey

Top Song of the Week – Carly Rae Jepsen & Justin Bieber – Beautiful 

Book I Am Currently Reading – Five Children & It by E. Nesbit