This week has been a busy dramatic week and has felt very long but at least it is the weekend now albeit Sunday Evening and a new week is about to begin. Anyway here is what I have been up to this week.

Us Brits love a good drama and I don’t just mean Costume Drama or in my case usually making a drama out of nothing. Well this week we had a bit of drama albeit a soggy one. Early this week we experienced a lot of heavy rain which resulted in floods. This is not that new this year as it has happened lots but it was still quite dramatic. Many rivers broke their banks causing much devastation.


Durham experienced some bad flooding which if I am honest is not unheard of but it is still quite dramatic. The floods also affected the rail network which meant major delays for my commute to and from work. On Tuesday when the floods happened I had to leave work a bit earlier to make sure I got a train home as the usual train service was cancelled and they were just running an unscheduled service between Darlington and Newcastle as nothing could get any further than these two destinations. I managed to get a train home but not before getting a coffee in case I experienced a massive delay. I wasn’t too worried as I knew there would be a train at some point and as long as I had a coffee and book and signal on my phone to tweet and use Facebook oh and of course in case I needed to phone. Its funny I am always ok in these sort of dramas but when it is a personal drama or crisis I stress big time. I’m a strange person. The delays continued the next day but there was still a train service. It did mean the trains were a lot quiet than usual which was nice. The quietness even lasted once the trains were back up and running as normal. While I was getting my coffee at the station the guy behind me (he is a regular coffee drinker/commuter and often says hi but I don’t know his name) said he thought it was silly it was quiet now the service was back up and running and that they were just skiving. Maybe they were or maybe it was just a quiet time who knows.

I did encounter another problem with all of this rain and bad weather and that was my boots split. I didn’t realise until I was waiting at the train station on the Tuesday morning and I happened to glance down and noticed my boot looked odd and then I realised they had split. That would explain the cold wet feeling I was experiencing. It was too late to go home to change my shoes so I just put up with it and avoided as many puddles as I could while my iPod which was on shuffle played ‘I Made It Through The Rain’, I’m not sure if this is ironic or just my iPod being evil.

All of this bad weather along with the dark mornings and the nights getting darker earlier all mean autumn is well and truly here. I have said before that autumn is my favourite season. It’s the time of the year when the jumpers get brought out along with hats and scarves and I get the urge for comfort food such crumbles and casseroles. This year I have a new autumn treat and that is the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

Officially it doesn’t launch in the UK until next week. But some stores have been selling it if customers asked for it. For many years now at this time of year it has been available in America. In fact one of my early Starbucks experiences was a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Seven years ago when I was on holiday in Florida I came across the drink. After the first taste I realised it was autumn in a mug and was saddened to learn that it was not available in the UK. For a few years now there has been a campaign to get it over here and now it is finally here. It is an acquired taste as the barista who made mine during the week said “Us Brits aren’t used to having a fruit in our coffee” and he is right. However I do love it and will be making the most of it while it is on sale. If you haven’t had one before then I recommend you do try one but save some for me.

While on the subject of the nights getting darker and colder I have been thinking about getting some slippers. I don’t wear slippers I prefer to go barefoot or wear socks but lately I have been thinking it might be nice to have some slippers. So I have been looking for some slippers but it is quite difficult as I want them with a back on them and not too look like an old mans pair and ideally not black brown or grey. This is almost impossible. I will keep looking so any ideas you have I would be grateful.

This week I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle. This was very much a last-minute thing as I was stepping in for a friend who couldn’t go. Originally when the idea of going to see this show earlier on this year was mentioned I declined as I wasn’t sure about seeing it. Since then though I watched the TV show Superstar which was to find the lead role for the tour and more recently I saw some of the pictures from the show and it did look good. So when giving the second chance to see it I said yes and I actually really enjoyed it. The cast was all excellent (yes even Chris Moyles), and the show does feature some of the best songs from a musical. Ben Forster as Jesus was brilliant and he nailed the song ‘Gethsemane’ which almost brought a tear to my eye. It was also the first time I got to see one of the Spice Girls perform as Melanie C was playing the role of Mary Magdalene. Tim Minchin as Judas was also great and just proved what a talented man he is not only is a great comedian/song writer/musical producer he van act and sing as well. I hadn’t seen any earlier versions of the show so I did see this production from a fresh point of view and it would be interesting to see what fans of the original thought as this was very modern and contemporary. Saying that apparently this was the first musical that I was exposed to as my parents said they used to play the soundtrack when I was a baby. That might explain why I knew so many songs. What I did enjoy about the show apart from the songs was that at the heart of the show it was about friendship and how events can change people and their friendships. This really struck a chord with me.

Well that is it for another week. So until next Sunday that’s all folks.


Top Programme of the Week – Dr Who

Top Song of the Week – Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar – Gethsemane

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky