Wow I am glad this week is over as it has been a very busy and intense mad week. Why I hear you cry well it was Freshers Week and just like previous years I felt anything but fresh by the end of it. Anyway here is what has been going on in the last seven days.

As I have said this week was Freshers week. For students this means experiencing the student nocturnal activities and registering for modules, making friends, getting free stuff, and Freshers Fair. For me it means dodging vomit patches, left over pizza on the floor, longer queues at Starbucks, last minute reading lists and helping with the Freshers Fair stall. Freshers Fair is always busy and very intense and this year was no exception. after a few problems we got the library stall set up and then we ready for the masses and they certainly were masses. It was quite crazy but i actually did enjoy it. I found it really nice to engage with the students in this way. I did encounter one language problem and that was with one of the items we were giving away. The item is what I refer to as a rubber but others call it an eraser. The issue is that a rubber can mean something else so at times I did get some odd looks when offering a library rubber so I tried to say eraser first. Anyway they were very popular and we did get a good response but I was exhausted by the weekend.

At the Freshers Fair there are many stalls some of which are business’ trying to get custom. One of these was Krispy Kreme. They are about to open a new shop in Durham and were at the Fair handing out boxes of 12 doughnuts. On the first day they were doing this and I was not able to get a box. I was gutted. I love Krispy Kreme donuts. On Thursday though when I got off the train what do I see but lots of people with boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I see where they are handing them out and manage to get my box. I was so happy. Having just made it through one day of Freshers Fair I knew I was going to need the sugar rush to get me through the second day. I didn’t eat all of the doughnuts I did share them with colleagues. I think it will be very dangerous having the Krispy Kreme shop so close to work.

On Friday on my train I faced a moral social dilemma. I got on my train to work as normal although it was a little late. I was in a quite a good mood, the sun was shining, I was listening to the new Muse album (which is very good by the way) and it was almost the weekend. I sit down and a woman also gets on and sit at a table seat opposite me. I just listen to my iPod and lookout of the window in my own little world. The woman who had got on the train then started talking very loud to the woman sat in front of her. This other woman clearly did not want to be disturbed by this brash talkative stranger but responded with an odd short answer or a nod and smile. I have mentioned before that the golden rule of train commutes is you never speak to someone else on the train except in the situation of a train breakdown or a major delay. This woman clearly did not know this. As well as this she was coughing a lot and not covering her mouth. This really annoys me and decided the best thing was to turn my iPod up and just look out the window rather than tell the woman to shut up and cover her mouth when coughing. I knew by turning my iPod up it could also cause a problem as some people don’t like loud music from people’s iPods. I have had this before and I do usually keep it at a moderate level especially if there is no silent carriage on a train. If there is a silent carriage then I think (you may disagree and I respect that) that it is OK. A little bit later the woman then leans over and says “Excuse me can I turn my Walkman down” (Yes she did say Walkman, how retro is that) I am about to apologise to her when I think no I am not. So I say “OK I will but this is not a silent carriage and listening to music is no different to talking very loud or talking loud on a mobile which others in the carriage are doing”. She says she  hasn’t been on a train for 10 years and didn’t realise there was a silent carriage so I told her again there was and which direction it was if wanted to use it. I then turned away and did turn my iPod down to a normal level. The woman then carries on talking very loud to the woman opposite her and coughing without covering her mouth. I then thought ‘sod it I’m turning it back up so I did. Shortly after the train pulled into the station and I got off the train feeling a little bit guilty about my behaviour  and annoyed by her behaviour. I don’t think there was a winner from this situation. What would you have done?

Last weeks blog certainly caused a reaction. It seems that a lot of people have been talking about my slippers dilemma. As far as I know it hasn’t been discussed on TV or anything but it certainly has at work. Even when I haven’t been in the same room or building it turns out. The verdict seems to be I am too picky and that I should just get a cheap pair of what I call old man slippers as I don’t usually wear slippers so would need to see how I am with them. First of all I was bit shocked I was being talked about in such detail. I know people do talk about each other but its odd when you realise they have been. The second thing is that knowing me if I got a pair of slippers I didn’t really want then it would probably put me off wearing them (yes I can be that fickle). Anyway I have decided I want some slippers which have a Fair Isle design and have a back and are ideally fluffy inside for about £15. If anyone has seen any that fit this description then let me know. Failing that I am going with the option that a colleague said to me which was I could start a talent show called Britain’s Next Top Slipper. This sounded a great idea although I would be worried someone would suggest some Dorothy slippers.

Well that’s it for another week and another weekend. These weekends go too quickly for my liking. Anyway until next time that’s it folks.


Top Programme of the Week – Great British Bake Off

Top Song of the Week – Muse – Explorers

Book I Am Currently Reading – Standing In Another Man’s Grave by Ian Rankin