It was too good to be true I couldn’t hold off the winter cold/ Freshers Flu/ Man Flu any longer. Yes this week along with a lot of people I have been full of cold. I know we all get it but I do wish it would go soon as it does get you down and I am quite sure I can do that on my own.

The common cold proves to the rest of the world how feeble us men are when we get ill. Don’t try to deny it guys we know its true. We start feeling sorry for ourselves while either sitting on the sofa or laying in bed and every now and then we let out a little sigh just like a whale does through its air hole. Every day to day task is just too much. Of course its not but we make those around us think it is. Being ill shows our weak side, such as self pitying, our lack of hygiene standards (why do we open the tissue and look at it? I don’t know), and worst of all our rubbish attempt at throwing the snotty hanky into the bin.  We loose so many man points when we are ill and some of us (this includes me) don’t have many anyway and are in the red with points big style. Hopefully it will be gone soon and if you are also suffering with it then I hope you feel better soon as well.

One thing that struck me while I have been feeling ill is how we all suddenly crave comfort food from our childhood. This week at lunch I had a Heinz Vegetable Soup with sandwiches with Dairylea Cheese slice inside. I had proper cheese in the house but for some reason I felt that wasn’t going to do it for me while full of cold. I know it wasn’t the most healthy of foods but it tasted good and made feel a bit better. See simple things make things are all we need.

Apart from the sore throat and runny nose I should have realised I was coming down with cold because I did something that I don’t like doing and haven’t done for many years. I made a dentist appointment. Now I am not scared of the dentist but I don’t trust them. Why someone would choose a profession that involves looking into random strangers mouths is beyond me. My distrust of dentists goes back to when I was a teenager and I had a brace. I have a gap in my teeth and I have always wanted it to close up. It turns out that I was lied to about a brace solving it all and endured the pain of a fixed brace for a number of years only for it to go back to how it was. So you see where my mistrust of dentists come from. I have been since since then of course but not for a long time so I had to apply again. My appointment is in a few weeks time and they have sent out a form to fill in. It obviously has the usual health questions on but there are two whole sides of A4 which is ‘A Smile Evaluation’. I have to evaluate my own smile???? The questions include “Do you wish your teeth were shaped differently?”, “If you could change anything about your smile, what would you change?”, and “On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you with your smile?”. Obviously I know they are hoping I will say I want to spend thousands on my teeth (I would like that but its not going to happen), but what odd questions to ask. I want teeth shaped teeth what other shapes can I have? Stars, flowers, who knows?. My appointment is not for a few weeks yet so I will update you after that in my blog on what happens.

Well that is about it for this week. Hopefully I will be back to full fitness next week. But until then. Thats all folks. Have a good Halloween.

Oh just to update you on my bucket list there is little progress. I must try harder.

Top Programme of the Week – Hebburn

Top Song of the Week – Adele – Skyfall

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Sense Of An Ending by Julian Barnes