It’s blog time again and I am sorry for the lateness I seem to have been suffering from writers block. I’m still getting over my cold so maybe thats part of it. It is loads better but still lingering on a bit. I’m on holiday for a week now and plan to recharge my batteries so hopefully I will be rid of the lurg once and for all. Anyway here is what has been happening or been on my mind this week.

I’m going to start my blog with a bit of political rant. If you are not interested in politics feel free to skip to the next chapter. I try not to but this week I feel I do need to say something about the USA President elections. I’m not American and to any of my American readers I could understand why you would think ‘well what has got to do with him’, and maybe you would be right but I am still going to have my opinion and thats all it is. The issue I have is that the thought of Romney becoming President scares me. His views on civil rights I feel would set the USA back decades and I would certainly feel uncomfortable visiting the USA as a gay man never mind if I lived there if Romney got into power. Also his business background is not the most moral and it is those business ethics that have put the World in a Global economic crisis. Obama is a leader simple as that. OK he has lost that Wow factor from Four years ago but realistically did we expect that to last.  We all wanted to believe that because of the 8 years of Bush but in our hearts we knew it would be different. The worst of the economic problems had started by the time he had been sworn in and he was trying to improve things and he has but slowly. He also didn’t shy away from tough issues. Obama Care as it is called which will be introduced in a couple of years is a good idea. In the UK we might moan about the NHS but by God its one of the best ideas the country has ever has. All Obama is asking is that everyone has the same access to healthcare. During the events of this week with Hurricane Sandy Obama stopped campaigning and did his job. Romney carried on and only very late on did he stop. He could have said right what can I do to help? He didn’t. That says a lot about the two candidates. As I said its not down to me but I hope Obama win, just give him that chance. VOTE OBAMA!

Ok thats my political rant over with. All of you who are bored of politics its safe to continue now. This week was of course Halloween. For the second year running I haven’t really done much for Halloween. We haven’t even had any trick or treaters (which means more chocolate for me). So all I did was watch a Halloween themed film. Now I am rubbish when it comes to scary films so my choice this year was ‘Dark Shadows’, well you can’t go too wrong at Halloween with a bit of Tim Burton.  It was an ok film and did the job for Halloween. I know some people don’t get Halloween but for me I see it more as a celebration of autumn than anything. Next year I will have to make more of an effort to celebrate Halloween/autumn.

Now that Halloween is over with it seems that Christmas is starting appear everywhere. I have been reluctant to get into the Christmas spirit as I don’t want to peak too soon but this week I have given in a bit. First of all was with the Star Wars Holiday special. As a Star Wars fan I had heard of this infamous TV special from the 70’s but had never seen it as all those involved in it refuse to have anything to do with it. I thought it couldn’t be that bad after all I have seen ‘The Phantom Menace’. However now that I have seen I understand how bad it is and in comparison Phantom Menace isn’t that bad. I do feel that geekness has been boosted though for seeing it, that’s one thing I suppose. Another sign that Christmas is approaching is the launch of the Christmas drinks at the coffee shops. Costa launched theirs on Thursday followed by Starbucks (the red cups) on Friday. So yes that means the Gingerbread Latte is back. The Pumpkin Spice Latte was nice while it lasted but it is Gingerbread for the rest of the year now.

On the subject of food and drink month I talked about Krispy Kreme doughnuts well the new store has now opened in Durham and I have to admit I have tried them once so far. They are vey nice and so many to choose from. I will have to be good though otherwise I will end up looking like a doughnut.

This weekend I went to see Darlington Operatic Societies latest production Footloose. I have of course seen the original film from the 80’s but have never seen the stage version. Earlier this year it was the first time I had seen Darlington Operatic Societies production and was really impressed and wanted to see their next production. I was not disappointed with Footloose. Some great music from the 80’s and well choreographed dance routines and acting especially from Ben Connor who played Willard and Nick Holmes who played Ren. Not only did they have to sing and dance but also kept up an American accent. This is tough for professional performers so I was really impressed with this performance. It was a really good night out and would recommend to anyone to see their next production ‘The Sound of Music’. By going to the show you are not only supporting a local theatre group but also your local theatre. I wish I had the talent to do shows like this.

At work during lunch/coffee breaks it is quite common for me and my colleagues to discuss any issue often more than one. This week the topic of first dates was brought up in particular do you share food on a first date. My view on this matter is that you don’t share food on a first date unless it is a meal such as tapas etc. If both parties have made their choices then they should stick to that on a first date. It’s not to say that (in my case a miracle) if/when the relationship has developed then yes it is ok to share your food, although I would still be reluctant to share desert (yes I have already been called Joey). I did seem to be outnumbered by colleagues on this. maybe because most of them are in relationships which in that case is fine. The conversation did hit a nerve though and made me think that maybe this is one of the things I am getting wrong and that maybe I am too picky. I keep jumping ahead of myself and think about having a relationship with someone but ignoring the fact I need to get out and meet people more. In my head I know what my ideal guy would look like and be but I know in reality thats not what is going to happen. I haven’t had much luck with the dating sites so I need to try and get out more and if I do see someone I need to pluck up the guts to ask them. My ideal guy would be 25-35, glasses (men are very sexy in glasses its like a suit for the face), have a professional job, maybe slight stubble but no full on beard. Thats all I ask for really, is that too picky. If by any chance you fit this criteria or know someone who does then feel free to act as cupid.

I mentioned at the start of the blog that I was off this week and that I plan to relax and recharge. I really need this at the moment. I seem to have neglected my well being and appearance recently. I looked in the mirror the other day and realised I looked like crap and I was so tired my eyes looked like they had been shopping at the January sales. So this week I am going to try and give myself a boost. So I need some new clothes, haircut, some nice sleep ins and I have the dentist as well. The dentist won’t be enjoyable but I do need to go as thats one area I’m not happy with. Anyway hopefully by the next blog I will be feeling better.

Top Programme of the Week – Downton Abbey

Top Song of the Week – Ann Wilson & Mike Reno -Almost Paradise

Book I Am Currently Reading – To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee