Hi everyone. I typing this blog on time and in a relaxed and refreshed state after a week off. I said in my last blog my plan to rest and recharge my batteries and that is exactly what I have done this week. It has been a nice leisurely week well apart from the dentist and I am feeling rested which I haven’t felt for a while. anyway here is what has happened in the last week.

Ok like last week I will get my little political bit over with first so feel free to skip to the next paragraph  I mentioned last time that I hoped Obama would win the Presidential Election in the USA. Now I know I am not an American but I am interested in politics and elections. I didn’t plan to stay up to watch the results but as I was on holiday this week I did find myself staying up a bit to watch the results. Early on it wasn’t looking good. I finally had to give in to tiredness as 1:30am. It was still on my mind even during sleep. I was really worried Romney would get in. I found myself waking at 4:30am and checking the result and it was almost guaranteed by then. So with this in mind I finally went to sleep. In the end it was a more convincing win than they had predicted. Hopefully Obama can now carry on with his work and reforms over the next four years.

As well as the Presidential Election various states were voting on other State related issues. One issue that some States were looking at was same-sex marriage. The result of this was Maine, Maryland and Washington all voted in favour of same-sex marriage. This is great news and is a lot further on than the UK. I hope one day soon the UK does allow same-sex marriage. I know we can have partnerships but surely everyone should have the same equal rights when it comes to love and commitment. Fingers crossed its soon. In the meantime well done and thank you to those three states and the to those that had already voted in favour of this.

OK now it’s about what I have been up to this week. Early on in the week I decided I wanted a nice day all to myself where I did what I wanted. So I went shopping for some new clothes along with a trip to the cinema. I did manage to get some new clothes which is long overdue. The film I went to see was Skyfall. Now I have a confession to make. I never seen a James Bond film at the cinema. I have only ever watched Bond Films on the TV or on DVD/Video. My earliest memory of watching a Bond film is when I stayed over at my Nanna’s one Saturday night and we watched ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ on the TV. I remember being fascinated by gadgets and how Bond escaped in the opening sequence. Ah happy carefree days. Anyway back to Skyfall. As i said I haven’t seen a Bond film at the cinema until this week. I decided to see Skyfall at the IMAX. This was for two reasons. One I do like the IMAX experience and secondly it was a Tuesday which means it was a lot cheaper.  I won’t say anything about the storyline in case you haven’t seen it yet. I did enjoy the film and thought there was some beautifully shot scenes. I am also liking Ben Whishaw as Q and found myself fancying him more than Daniel Craig. See I go for brains over brawn all the time. I think it is one of my favourite Bond films although it is not your usual Bond film. It reminded me more of an episode of Spooks rather than your usual Bond film. saying that it does have all the elements you want from a Bond film including the scariest bad guy for a long time in a Bond film played by Javier Bardem. It is definitely worth watching.

So after a nice day of shopping and cinema the only way that balance could be restored to the world was for me to have to go to the dentist the next day. I mentioned a few weeks ago about me making an appointment at the dentist and having to complete a smile evaluation form (which I did do and actually might have marked myself too high – it was all lies). So after a many years of avoiding the dentist I finally went. I was in for a total of 15 minutes in that time I had an X-Ray and a telling off for basically not going regularly enough all at the cost of £17.50. I can think of nicer ways to spend the money. He did start off nice but once I was in that chair he was not very nice. Anyway I have to go back next month for filling as he couldn’t do it then and a scale and polish. I suppose it could have been worse, or maybe it is and he is saving it for later. We will just have to wait and see.

So this week i have so far got new clothes, been to the dentist so the next thing on my itinerary was hair cut. Now I have spoken a lot about getting my haircut and the amazing head massage I get but on my last visit I learnt my hairdresser had moved to Paris. so I decided this week I would change salon’s. I always feel a bit guilty when I do this but I have been at the same salon for 7 years now and I think now my hairdresser has moved on it is the best time to try a new place. It is always scary to change and I managed to find a new one I had not heard of before which was recommended by a friend. I was really impressed and they do give a wonderful head massage (sadly it wasn’t a cute guy who did it but it was very good). So I will stick with this one and see how it goes, but so far so good.

I had thought about getting some new glasses as well this week but I don’ really need any new ones as I haven’t had any problems with them its more I want some new frames so I will save the money for now. I did ask if I could just use my old prescription but they said it would be best to get a new eye test, as its more for appearance sake my vanity can wait.

I mentioned last week about Christmas seems to be everywhere at the moment well this weekend I saw the Coca-Cola ‘Holidays are coming’ advert and the new John Lewis advert. The ‘holidays are coming’ advert is now a Christmas tradition and Christmas doesn’t start until you have seen it. I also like the John Lewis adverts but I think I preferred last year’s Christmas advert, it still gets me emotionally although I’m not sure how long a snowman would survive while shopping in a hot department store. I suppose with all this talk of Christmas I had better get thinking about my Christmas shopping.

So once again that’s it for this week. I hope some of the good work that my rest and relaxation has done for me this week will last me through the week. In the mean time that’s all folks.

Top Programme of the Week – Strictly Come Dancing

Top Song of the Week – Pitbull – International Love

Book I Am Currently Reading – To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee