Hi everyone it’s that time of the week again. It seems to get quicker each week a bit like Christmas which seems to almost upon us and I have done very little in preparation for it. The only thing I have done so far in preparation for Christmas is write my list, buy an advent calendar, and find my star lights for my window. It is the fine line between getting excited about Christmas too early and leaving it too late. This year I am adding one Christmas song to my iPod this month and then on the 1st December the rest will be added. It’s quite a fun way to do it (yep i know this probably one of the may reasons I’m single). How I decide is I go my iTunes and then go to genres and then press play on Christmas. whichever song is played is what I add. I really need to get a move on with Christmas shopping, I think I will start this week. Anyway that’s enough Christmas talk, here is what has been happening in my life and been on my mind this week.

This week has been a tiring and emotional week for some reason. I am really tired and this is  due to the time of the year and some long days this week. On Wednesday I went to Manchester for a conference for work (yes it did rain early on). It was in Manchester Town Hall. It was a really interesting and informative day but It did mean an early start and very over crowded trains. Still it was worth as I got to talk to other librarians and publishers. I also got the most unusual highlighter. It was shaped like a syringe, and was in the welcome pack when I arrived and was a bit of a surprise. I had only been in Manchester 30 minutes and I had at first glance been given a syringe. Of course it was just a highlighter but it was a bit disturbing at first and I wasn’t sure this would help the reputation of Manchester. Despite this odd start I was really impressed with not only the conference but also Manchester Town Hall. It is a beautiful building and it was nice to be given a short history of the building/city. It is certainly a building that Manchester should be very proud of. In the entrance way to the building there were some statues and they all had fake moustaches on them for Movember. I thought this was a really good idea and was nice to see such public backing for the cause.

I have never got involved with Movember before. It is of course for a very worthy cause and raises lots of money for researching into diseases such as Prostate and Testicular Cancer. The thing that puts me off is actually having facial hair. I like to be clean-shaven and would worry I would feel unclean all the time even if it is for a worthy cause. I have to admit some guys can look very sexy with some facial hair but I draw the line at full beards and moustaches.  Also I think I would need to learn before hand how to maintain it. One of the things that you see this month is a lot of badly maintained moustaches. I know it’s for charity but you still need to take care of it. I think at the moment the closest I could go would be stubble after that I can just sense that I would get anxious about it. Maybe I will just try it next Movember and see.

After the conference had finished I had some free time before my overcrowded train home. Just outside of Manchester Town Hall there was a Christmas market. Now I understand from people who are from Manchester or surrounding areas (don’t want to offend those from Salford) that this is an annual event and is very popular. It was very popular and it was my first experience of Christmas this year. I enjoyed wandering around the stall with a strong smell of mulled wine in the air. I didn’t have any but I did enjoy the smell. I think mulled wine smells better than it tastes anyway. It was nice and Christmassy although the stall selling reindeer pelts was a little out-of-place (I bet that seller doesn’t get much from Santa this year).

While travelling to Manchester this year it struck me that it was the first time this year that I had actually left the North East which is really shocking. I need to get out more and travel a bit more. It sums up this year quite well really – staying in one place. Oh well next year I will have to change this.

This week I also some closure to an aspect of my life from the last few years. It was the end of the Twilight films. I have never been a Twihard fan of the Twilight series. I have read the first book and quite enjoyed it and have been to see the films with my friends from work. It became almost a short-lived tradition. I think part of the enjoyment for my mates is seeing how I react to the films. In one of the previous films I did laugh out loud which did result in many Twilight fans giving me evil looks and in one of the films I jumped out of my seat when one of the wolves appeared much to the amusement of my friends. I go to see the films with low expectations and expect the cheese fest. I have never been disappointed and this last film was no exception. It was an ok film, it’s not ground breaking and the script is limited but then again the books aren’t exactly Dickens are they? I still think Kristen Stewart can’t act, R Patz is ok in this but these films don’t require him to who off his acting ability and at least I have seen other films with him where he can act. I would give the film 2.5 out of 5.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I wanted some new glasses. I was due an eye test but at this time of year it’s just an expense I don’t need. However as part of my Christmas box I am now getting some new glasses. I went to the opticians and there was only a slight change in  one eye but I am still getting some new glasses which I am excited about. I love getting new glasses. I have had contact lenses in the past and I do like them but they are a bit of a faff and now there are so many really modern styles of glasses it’s actually cool to wear glasses. As there is a buy one get one free offer on I have ordered two different styles of glasses. I will hopefully reveal them on next weeks blog but I tell you they are both very geek chic. It’s just another thing to help with my self-confidence in my appearance.

This week it was Thanksgiving. Now this isn’t something I celebrate with me being British and living in Britain but I am strangely fascinated by it all. Having watched so many American TV shows such as Friends and Glee I have always wondered what it would be like to have a Thanksgiving experience. That’s why I have put it on my bucket list to do at some point. I like the idea that you say publicly what you are thankful for. If I had been in the USA for Thanksgiving then I would probably say I’m thankful for all the people in my life both friends and family. I know so many amazing people and thinking back to my time at school when was certainly not one of the popular kids I find it good that I have so many great mates and the hopefully will continue to make new ones. So I suppose that’s what I’m thankful for.

As you can tell I have had a few things going on this week which has been good but it has left me tired and for some reason at the moment I am feeling a bit emotional. Early on in the week I got upset over something I heard someone say. It wasn’t directed at me and I honestly believe it wasn’t meant to sound offensive but with the way I was feeling I seemed to have a chink in my armour and it got through. I’m over it now though but it still hurt at the time. Also this week I just felt really sorry for myself for no reason I can think of, well maybe I can but it’s not something that I can fix or if I can I can I can only do part of it. Maybe I just need a rest and I am counting down to my time off at Christmas, I think it might be the best Christmas present I could get.

On that note I will sign off this blog post and will be back next week with my geek chic glasses. So until then its bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – The Secrets of Crickley Hall

Top Song of the Week – Robbie Williams – Candy

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien