Ohhh I am so glad this week is over although I’m not sure how much better next week will be. Ok it hasn’t all been bad as there has been some good things but generally it has been stressful and tiring. Anyway here is what has been going on this week.

This week I have had the commute from hell due to the floods. It all started on Monday night   as there was a lot of rain during the day and this had caused some problems on the roads and the railways. I did manage to get an earlier train home which was good and I hoped this was as bad as it would get. Then came Tuesday. During Monday night it had continued to rain and this had led to major flooding on the railways this caused other problems such as a landslip. This had resulted in a power failure on the line. As a regular commuter I am used to delays to my journey. I might not like it but I do know sometimes these things happen. On Tuesday morning when I got to the train station at 7:30am I did expect some delays but I thought something will still turn up and I will get in just a bit late. How wrong I was. It appeared it was too early for them to fix the problem and they were waiting for daylight before starting to repair the damage. I kept waiting and while doing so got colder and colder. I was thinking about getting a bus but discovered the roads were all blocked and gridlocked as well. I have been defeated in getting to work before. I have always managed to even with ice, heavy snow, strong winds etc. However on Tuesday I did have to admit defeat and I had to hope that the trains would be back up and running the next day. This was a double blow for me. Not only I had I not got into work but I also missed out on the Re-naming ceremony of the library. Still its better that than trains running on an unsafe track.

The next morning I got up really early to get an early train. Very few trains were running, it seemed to be one an hour. I got on the train and although it was very slow it turned out to be a very beautiful journey to work. The worst affected part of the journey saw fields totally underwater. The water was lapping up against the track just like the sea. Despite this chaos I saw nature at its most beautiful. It was sunrise at the time and this along with the water created amazing scenery. The whole train was just amazed and the cameras came out. This happened most days this week and when you see the pictures you understand why.


Yes what you are seeing is some poor farmers field which has now turned into a lake. It is a scene of total devastation but at the same time it is hard not to also see the natural beauty  as well. At night it was even more beautiful especially when it was a Full Moon as it was this week. The disruption to the train services is still going on as write this. Today (Sunday) was the first day this week where I didn’t have to think about getting to and from work on the trains and it has been a relief. The whole experience really stressed me out this week even once I got home on a night I was thinking/worrying about how it would be the next day. I don’t normally let this type of thing get to me but it did and I didn’t sleep much and was a bit off with some people, which I am sorry for. Hopefully this week things will get back to normal.

In last weeks blog I mentioned that I had ordered some new glasses and that they would be available this weekend. Well it turned out that I was able to get them on Tuesday. As I was unable to get into work I rang up the opticians just on the off-chance that they were ready early and they were. So I now have my two pairs. The general consensus is that the black pair are the prefered choice of others, but I do like the two styles. You can see the pictures on my Twitter feed.

This week I also found the time to catch up on some films I have missed this year at the cinema. The film I watched was Magic Mike. I didn’t expect a lot from the film but I was pleasantly surprised. It had a reasonable plot, some good acting and it was pleasing on the eye I suppose as well. It’s certainly worth a watch.

This week a work colleague left for a new and exciting job elsewhere. As well as him being a colleague he is also a friend so it was a sad farewell but I know he is going to have a great time in his new position. He is also the person who keeps reminding me to get a move on with my Bucket List (I do need to make more progress on that). Working alongside him made me realise what that there are loads of opportunities around I just need to see them and try to make them happen just like he does. That’s not a new job but it could be new things to get involved in. I know the areas I want to look at in the library world I just need to talk to people who have been involved in the same projects. It’s a long-term goal but I’m sure its possible and is something to work on next year.

Talking of next year it is fast approaching now that we are in December. I have started my Christmas shopping, bought some Christmas cards, eventually worked out the new iTunes and put my Christmas music on my iPod, put up some lights in my room, and yesterday I went to the Christmas Festival in Durham and went to the carol service in the Cathedral. This has become an annual even for me and work colleagues/friends. It is always a nice day and I did get some really nice things. I didn’t have any mulled wine but I could smell it. I did finally get some ginger wine though. So with all of this I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit and that has nothing to do with the ginger wine.

Well that is it for this week. I’m hoping the trains are back to normal this week and that my commute is less stressful. Fingers Crossed!!!

Top Programme of the Week – Merlin

Top Song of the Week – The Futureheads – Christmas Was Better In The 80s

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien