Another week over and a week closer to Christmas we get. I suppose that could be said of all weeks but I of course mean this year and it is only a few weeks away and I still have lots to do. Anyway here is what I have been up to or been mulling over this week.

First of all a bit of a political rant so if you want to skip this and go to the next paragraph then feel free. Regular readers of my blog will probably know I am a regular customer at Starbucks. The reason I go is because a)I like the coffee there b)always good customer service and staff. Over recent weeks Starbucks has been criticised because it has paid zero/low tax along with some other global companies. This week Starbucks did make an agreement about paying money back and about future payments, while other companies have yet to even consider talking about it. As a customer of Starbucks I admit I did feel awkward still going into the branches as although it wasn’t illegal what they did it was immoral. However I carried on doing so because I realised that if I stopped using all companies that I saw as carrying out immoral ethical policies then I would have to stop everything. I even had a few people make comments about me still using them which I did just brush off but still added to this uncomfortable feeling. So why carry on using them I hear you ask? Well simply why should the staff in the stores I use suffer. They won’t be on a high wage and are not the ones responsible. By boycotting Starbucks I would see it as me blaming the staff for the policy and that’s not fair. This weekend there were protests outside some Starbucks even after they had come up with an agreement. Other companies that were mentioned were not targeted because they were largely online based so one company which has given in and responded still becomes a scapegoat. One of the reasons I heard that attempted to justify this action was that Starbucks’ agreement was just a PR stunt so that’s why they were targeted with the protests. I don’t see the logic fighting one so-called PR stunt with another, it’s just as bad in my eyes. We all want to take the moral high ground on issues in life and maybe to some extent this little rant is me doing that. However when it comes down to it very few people can look themselves in the mirror and say they are perfect and I am certainly not one of them and chances are neither are you. Hopefully new legislation will be created to stop the loop holes which will then stop them even thinking about being immoral. In the mean time I will continue to have my Starbucks.

Ok so that’s my rant over. Here is what else has been happening in my world this week. Winter arrived this week and I saw my first snow of the winter. I realise that sentence sounds like I am some ancient hermit but of course I’m not. It was nice to see the snow but it does bring with it disruption for people. Thankfully for me the trains seem to manage snow ok but I know car drivers do suffer with it though. What I didn’t like though was once the snow had gone it exposed the ice and I am not designed for the ice. I have often thought that when I see ice on the path I meant as well just throw myself down in some sort of pre-emptive attack as I know I will end up on the ground. I did manage to overcome the ice through a combination of snow boots and getting the bus from the train station. By the sounds of it though there is more on the way. Hopefully we will have a white Christmas this year.

This week I had my follow-up dentist appointment. Last month I mentioned that I went to the dentist for the first time in over ten years. well this week I had the treatment that was needed. I needed a filling and a scale and polish. I don’t like dentists but I’m not scared of them however this dentist does worry me sometimes. After I sat in the chair he said he would give me an injection to numb the side of my mouth. Ok I thought that’s what you need to do fine. However as he was approaching my mouth with the needle he kept saying ‘you are brave man’ in an almost Bond villain style. I wasn’t sure if this was meant to be reassuring, patronising or threatening. I do know the latter was the effect it had but by then it was too late he got me. I of course did survive but I was glad to get out of there. I didn’t even get a lollypop or a sticker, maybe that’s the extra you get if you go private nowadays.Well all being well I am not due to go back for 6 months. By then he will probably be stroking a white cat saying he has been expecting me. Gulp!!

This week also saw me say goodbye to something that has been in my life since I was about 18 months. It was my old bed. I have of course had new mattresses over the years but the base of my bed has always been the same small bed and it was on its way out. How it was still upright I don’t know. Still it was sad to get rid of it. So now I have a new double bed which is lovely. At uni I had a double bed but never at home so it is a lovely luxury to have. It’s also good because when I hopefully move out I will at least have a bed to take with me.

Sorry for the lateness of this blog by the way.This is down to various Christmas jobs I had to do on Sunday. The first of which was to put the Christmas decorations up at home. This is fun to do but I always seem to be a bit of a perfectionist and it can take at least an hour for me to get the tree and lights right before I even put on the decorations. It at least keeps my cat happy as she loves sitting under the tree. I think she even knew it was going to be put up this weekend as lately she had been sat in the spot where the tree goes. We don’t have one set theme for the tree design. it is multi coloured and each year I usually buy at least one new decoration. When it come to the top of the tree we have always had a Fairy/angel. This year I decided to get a new tree topper and got a star. So it’s another fresh start I suppose. the other Christmas activity was to write Christmas cards. I have done a lot of them but I still have some to do.

With all these Christmas activities going on its only natural that I am thinking about Christmas and also New Year. I am especially thinking about Christmas’ I had as a kid which involved LEGO, taping Star Wars on the TV, and playing with my various toys such as He-Man, M.A.S.K (does anyone remember this programme), Thundercats and Star Wars. Of course over the years the magic disappears a little. We still have a great day just less toys. One thing I really miss getting from my childhood at Christmas is a selection box. Theres nothing better than a Cadbury’s selection box. OK its just everyday chocolate but for some reason it’s not the same when it comes in a selection box. See it’s not as fun being an adult at Christmas. I have always thought that New Years Eve was for adults, but I don’t usually do anything on New Year. I always see it as a sad time of year but maybe I need to change my opinion and embrace the New Year. Especially 2013 as I want to get the most out of this year. I have drifted too long this year its time to start doing more and saying yes to opportunities rather than hiding away from them. I suppose I still have some time to sort something out for New Year.

Anyway that’s it for this week. Sorry again for the lateness but its one of those things at this time of year but will try to get it done on time next Sunday. Hope you all have a good week.

Top Programme of the Week – The Royal Variety Show

Top Song of the Week – Michael Buble – Cold December Night

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien