Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good Christmas and that Santa was good to you. I had a lovely Christmas Day as it was the first for a few years now where no one was ill. Now it’s that awkward time between Christmas and New Year where we all feel bloated and disoriented and secretly looking forward to getting back into a routine. Anyway before I talk about New Year here is what has happened in the last week.

Since I’m on my Christmas break I have been have long sleep in’s on a morning. It’s great but I seem to be getting up at 10:30am (I blame my new bed it’s just to comfy). I think I am getting used to this time which means when I’m back at work on Wednesday it is going to be a shock to the system getting up at 6am. Although it will probably be ok that day it will the Thursday morning it hits me.

So this week it was Christmas and I had a lovely time. I finally felt all Christmassy on Christmas Eve helped by some ginger wine and some Christmas TV programmes. While I’m on the subject of Christmas TV I have been shocked at how depressing some of the Christmas specials have been. The Snowman & the Snow Dog was very cute but had more deaths than an episode of Taggart. Then there was Downton Abbey and Call The Midwife both of which were very sad. It was also the last ever episode of Merlin which I found upsetting. When Merlin tells Arthur he is a Sorcerer he went through the same emotions that someone goes through when they ‘come out’. It was so touching and I will miss the show.

Christmas Day was really nice. I got some great presents including some Lord of the Rings LEGO (I’m saving it until New Years Day),DVD’s, clothes and yes some baking equipment. This included a very nice blue mixing bowl, some heart-shaped biscuit cutters, silicone cupcake cases and a piping bag with a selection of nozzles. So I have no excuses now I am going to have to get baking more in 2013. I have obviously been a good boy this year.

Christmas Dinner was also really nice. We always go through to my uncles on Christmas Day but last year because my Mam wasn’t well we had to have a last-minute change of plan and stay at home. So this year it was nice to have it at with a lot of the family again. We even had Brussel sprouts which we don’t usually as most of the family don’t like them. It’s not Christmas without sprouts is it. After the lunch we had all got a silly present each. My uncle and his two grandchildren had bought us all a present from Poundland. I was a little worried as I had small child buying my present but it was actually a good present. It was pack of cupcake cases (news of my cupcake skills is certainly spreading). I did have a lucky escape I suppose as I could have got the pink feather boa. It was all good fun though. The whole day was great and I want to thank my aunt and uncle for being great hosts as always.

The time between Christmas and New Year is an odd experience. I just seem to spend it eating and drinking lots. So much chocolate, cake, party food and not forgetting the wine. As well as this you lose track of days as they all merge into one. The result of this is a very bloated confused person. Oh well at least we get back into a normal routine soon.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I had no plans for New Year and that is still the same but I did go out with my friends last night which was a good night so I will treat that as my New Years Eve celebrations. I think next year a general theme for me is to be more proactive ( I will discuss this in my New Years resolution blog) so I must make an effort next year to celebrate New Year. I have always fancied going to London for the fireworks or Edinburgh for Hogmanay so think I had better try to make something happen next year. If you have plans I hope you all have a good time and that 2013 is good year for you. I know I will be glad to have 2012 over with.

Over the next few days I will be posting my Year in Lists blog post as well as my New Years resolutions. So keep an eye out for a lot of blogging from me coming your way over the coming days.

Top Programme of the Week – Merlin

Top Song of the Week – Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar – King Herod’s Song (Try It & See)

Book I Am Currently Reading – A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens