As midnight approaches I have mixed feelings about the past 12 months. there have been good times but also some big setbacks for me personally.

I want to thank those who have inspired me this year and/or have been there at my low times. I may not always shown it but I have appreciated it.

I’ve tried to be there for people but i’m not perfect and I know there have been times I haven’t and I’m sorry that. For those who I have tried to help I hope they know I will always support them in what ever way they want me to.

2013 is to be a year I listen to my heart and start taking chances. I’ve been making excuses for too long and that has to stop. No it will stop. I don’t know what the next 12 months will bring any of us but lets all just hope we try and make it good our friends and family and more importantly for each of us personally. 2012 might have been the year of the Olympics but lets make 2013 a gold medal winning year for us all.


Happy New Year!!!