Ok so yesterday I posted my review of 2012. Now it is time to look ahead at 2013 and what I hope to do this year. So here are my New Years Resolutions.

1) Get my own place

Ok I know this was on last years list but I have now moved up to the top of the list. I have set myself a deadline of September. Ideally to have or be moving out then. At the very least I should be progressing well by then on this resolution.

2) Go to more live music events

Last year I only went to one concert so this year I want to improve on this and go to more gigs/concerts.

3) Date

OK this is one where I don’t have much control over. However I can make more of an effort and go out more to increase the likely hood of meeting someone.

4) Get out more and have fun

This sounds so simple but it is something I need to do. I am my own worst enemy and I will say no to an opportunity rather than say yes. So this year I need to relax and have fun more.

5) Be happier

I need to be happy with myself. I am sometimes too quick to ignore positives I have in my life so this year I need to build on those good things in my life.

6) Have a fitness hobby (i.e yoga, Pilates, dance etc)

I am aware I could do with being a bit fitter. I know from past experience that the gym is not my thing so some other form of fitness such as Pilates, yoga or even a dance class could be a good thing to try.

7) Be more career focussed.

I have been in my current job for a while now and I need to move forward career wise. I love working in libraries so want to expand my knowledge and gain new experiences in this area. I also plan on joining CILIP and look at Chartership.

8) Have a holiday

OK I know this was also on last years list. As I didn’t have a holiday last year I really felt quite drained and tired and I need to make it a priority this. IT is good for my wellbeing and that will only be a good thing.

Rights there you go. My New Years Resolutions for 2013. Let’s hope I succeed with them.