Another week over and another birthday over. Yep I am now another year older and I suppose that has dominated most of this week in some way. I’ll explain later on. Anyway here is what has been going on this week.

At the start of the week it was the Inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the USA. Obviously I’m not an American and this isn’t a big thing over here in the UK. However his speech really hit home and made me wish we had a leading politician who believed in such things. In his speech he showed his support for same-sex marriages and this is the first time any President has brought gay rights into an inauguration speech. Many states in the USA already allow same-sex marriages and I can see this growing. Here in the UK we are taking slower steps towards this and there is a vote in Parliament this week on it and I hope MP’s vote to support this. Some MP’s who are against same-sex marriage say it is not a priority for the Government. Well my answer to that is that you shouldn’t have waited so long in the first place and if any thing this act of Parliament is long over due. The sad thing is it still won’t allow same-sex marriage to take place in the Church of England or Church of Wales but I hope that will change one day. Attitudes in society towards the gay community have changed in most cases people think no differently, it is more accepted. Yes there are some people who struggle to accept it and that is for them to deal with. The more people accept it the easier it will be for people to come out and believe me it is a tough thing to do. It is not going to ‘make more gay people’ we have always been here just that we feel we can say ‘we’re here’ without facing abuse and live a life just like anyone else. So thank you Obama for your support and I hope David Cameron is listening for once.

In last weeks blog post I mentioned about having a few bad nights sleep partly because of my cold. Well it is still there a bit and I have had a couple more bad nights sleep. It has left me feeling really terrible the following day. One day after work I came home and after my tea I had a half hour nap. I never nap. It is extremely rare and is usually if I am ill or totally exhausted because it often leaves me feeling a bit rough. Well I obviously needed the nap and it did help actually, I just need the cold to totally go and for me to get some good quality sleep.

As if tired wasn’t bad enough along with many people in the country this week I have been battling with snow and ice on my commute to work. Thankfully it hasn’t disrupted my train journeys but it has made walking a bit of a pain. At least I have some proper boots to walk in but I am sick of having to wear them. I do like the snow but we have had enough now I think. Thankfully most of it seems to have gone now due to the rain. I just hope we have some dry days as it has been a while since we have had one of those.

As I mentioned at the start of this post it was my birthday this week and it had been on my mind most of the week. It wasn’t a special birthday (I’m 32 if you are wondering) but it does mean I am now approaching mid 30’s and it has just made me look at where I am or more importantly where I am not and probably should be. I am at a stage in life where I want to settle down and have my own place and move on professionally. I have always felt in my life I am late coming to things compared to others. I know I get there eventually but I seem to take my time and that is frustrating. Last year I wrote 2012 off for me personally and said that 2013 was going to be when I made the changes I know need making. I have my New Year resolutions and my bucket list to help guide me and I am realising my head is starting to get into position to make things happen as well. I am my own worst enemy and compare myself to others and I feel inadequate compared to them in my mind. This is one of the down sides of social media because you get to see what your friends and other people are doing and achieving and this can get you down. What I forget is that I have a huge support network who believe in me and I need to start believing in myself. This year for my birthday I got some lovely cards, messages and presents from people. My personal highlight was the Great Comic Relief Bake Off apron (who would have thought I would have got excited about an apron). The cards and the presents were from some friends and family but as we now live in world of social media I got some lovely birthday messages from Twitter followers who I only know from Twitter so thank you to my Twitter followers and to those friends and family who said Happy Birthday. So I suppose there are good things with social media as well you just have to believe in yourself and if you are not happy then changes have to be made and that is what I have got to do. So let’s make 2013 a good year.

OK that is it for this week. Let’s do it all again next week.

Top Programme of the Week – The Great Comic Relief Bake Off

Top Song of the Week – Rock of Ages – Anyway You Want It

Book I Am Currently Reading – A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens