Hi everyone and welcome to my latest blog post. It has been quite a good week but also one of new experiences and mini drama’s. So as always here is what has been on my mind in the last seven days.

I have finally taken the plunge. No I’m not on the next series of Spash! (trust me no one wants to see me in speedos), I have bought a Kindle. I have resisted for a long time but after a lot of soul-searching I have finally given in and bought one. Some people who know I love reading were surprised that I didn’t have one anyway while others who knew I worked in a library are a little surprised that I have bought one. I remember a couple of years ago my friend saw an advert for Kindle which said “sexier than a librarian”. OK Kindles are stylish but librarians are still sexier so sorry Amazon you are way off the mark there but I’ll let you off. Well anyway I have done it now and I have to admit I am impressed with it. I see it as another reading format just as we have paperbacks, hardbacks, etc. I don’t see them totally replacing printed books but I am convinced the e-reader can co-exist with printed books. It also doesn’t mean the end of libraries just that libraries will change in how we use them and trust me libraries are used to change they have been changing and adapting to things for hundreds of years and that will continue to happen as long as Councils/Governments give them the funding they deserve. Anyway back to my Kindle I am impressed with how easy it is to use. It is actually too easy to buy books so I will have to be careful. They are also very light to hold. Yes it is not the same reading experience there isn’t that lovely book smell or the feel of the paper between your fingers but it is a good way to read especially when travelling. I don’t see myself just buying e-books but I suppose I will have to see how I get on with it and use it and I will let you know.

In other news this week I had my haircut (ok I know it’s not exactly thrilling news). I was long overdue a haircut and this was the second time back at the new salon. I changed salons because my hairdresser I had before left to go to Paris taking his awesome head massage with him. So on the recommendation of a friend I tried a different salon. However this week when I made my appointment it turns out that the person who did my hair last time has left (this is starting to get personal), anyway I booked but with someone else (one of the co-owners). It was really good and he actually had ideas and talked to me about them which I haven’t had from a hairdresser in a longtime. He did however mention that he had tried regrowth shampoo/foam as his hair was thinning with age and then asked if I had ever tried it. I admit I wasn’t expecting that. I am aware my hair is receding fast but that’s what age does but have never had it suggested to me. I can set the record straight I haven’t done it and have no intentions of trying it. I felt I should have been offended but he did it very diplomatically that I couldn’t be offended. Oh and if you were wondering I did get a good head massage as well but it was a bit rushed but they were busy.

While I’m on the subject of hairdressers I need to ask you all should I tip my hairdresser. I have never done this before but I am starting to think that maybe I should. If so how much? It seems to be a big social minefield and any help or advice would be grateful.

After getting my haircut I did a bit of shopping in town. I really needed some new jeans and t-shirts. All was going well until I realised my watch had come off. Now it is not an expensive watch but I love the design and feel of it so was really gutted. I went back to the shops I had been in. I knew it wasn’t at the hairdressers as I remember looking at my watch afterwards. I checked at NEXT who had a little look and then said nothing had been handed in. I then checked at Primark (I’m not ashamed to admit I shop there sometimes) I couldn’t see it and the staff checked the lost property and nothing was there but they took my details and a description and said they would let me know if it turned up. So I went home hoping it would turn up but realistically not expecting anything. Today (Sunday) I was in town again as often am on a Sunday so thought I would just check again. Still nothing in NEXT so went to Primark and to my surprise it had been found by one of the cleaners. They hadn’t seen the note to phone but that is understandable. I know from the lost property where I work that it is a nightmare to check, I was just glad they had. Also the staff there really made an effort to check and sort it out. It was great customer service and I want to say a massive thank you to them. I know some people are a little sniffy when it comes to Primark but they really did do well. So ‘Thank You Primark’.

I am also glad that January is now over. I know I should like January but it is a depressing, cold, miserable, month. So I am happy it is February. Saying that though the 15th February can’t come quick enough. Everywhere I go at the moment is just pink/red and heart-shaped and does get me down. I am not anti romantic and I am happy for those of you in relationships (honest I am) but February 14th is the worst day ever if you are single and I know this because I have had 32 years worth of it. I have never been in a relationship with someone on Valentines day. If I was I would be a soppy romantic and probably like it but I’m not. I know unexpected things happen but not that quick, (unless some cute slightly geeky guy is reading this and wants to change that). So in the meantime roll on 15th February.

Looking back over the last seven days it has been a bit of a mixed bag of emotions but overall I am in an upbeat mood (honestly I am). This week has shown me that things don’t always turn out how you expect them. There were a number of incidents this week that made think this but I’m not going to discuss them all here, one of them though was the book club meeting I organise at work. I thought that there was just going to be two of us there and it turned out that there was 4. OK this is not major but it was a pleasant surprise and things like this give me a bit of hope inside I just hope the other things do as well.

Thanks again for reading this blog post. Will do it all again next week. So until then that’s all folks.

Top Programme of the Week – Splash!

Top Song of the Week – Glee Cast – Big Girls Don’t Cry

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield