Hello readers thanks for coming back to read my latest blog post. It has been an interesting week and in some ways eventful with a bit of nostalgia thrown in for good measure. Anyway he is what has been going on in my life and head in the last seven days.

It happened again. Monday is now officially my bad day of the week. The Boomtown Rats were right all along. I think the problem with Mondays is that I’m ok until I have to interact with other people then it is all down hill. Things were going ok I got until about 11am and then something came along and spoilt it. This just effected my mood for the rest of the day. It keeps happening on a Monday though. I just hope that Mondays do get a bit better, fingers crossed anyway. In the mean time I hate Mondays.

Although I had a bad day on Monday in reflection it wasn’t as bad as the day actress Jennifer Lawrence had at the Oscars. Ok she won Best Actress but that was overshadowed by her tripping on the steps on her way to collect the award. I felt so bad for her because we have all been there and it has certainly happened to me. Well almost the same apart from I wasn’t collecting an Oscar and I wasn’t wearing Dior and no Hugh Jackman dashed to help. Flashback to 1996 and full school assembly where I was a spotty geeky teenager (I was low down on the popularity list) waiting to collect my prefect tie. Most of our year were made prefects and we all knew who had been made a prefect before the assembly but some names were missed off during the ceremony. I wasn’t bothered and along with some others in my class we would just collect afterwards. My tutor bless her wanted us all to have our moment of glory and made it clear some names had been missed. An apology was made and our names were read out. By this point my embarrassment level was about 7 and I just wanted it over with so I made my way quickly to the steps to the stage which were quite small and in my haste I tripped on the top step. Yep that’s right in front of the most unforgiving age group. To them it was just funny (and if I had been sat watching I probably would have laughed too) I think I probably went as red as the tie I received. I remember taking the tie and pushing my way to the back of the rest those on the stage. With hindsight I wish I had made some sort of witty remark to salvage the situation but at school I wasn’t the most confident of people (still not I suppose) so didn’t. Yeah I had some jokes/comments made for a few weeks after which I smiled through despite it hurting a bit inside. So Jennifer Lawrence I know the embarrassment you must have felt but at least you won Oscar I just got a tie.

I have had a real sense of nostalgia this week. This has been because of a few things. First it was from seeing old school photos that an old school friend had put on Facebook then this got me and some friends talking about who people were in the photo etc. As well as that during the week at work ghetto blasters, cassettes, Mr Blobby, and Panda Pop were all discussed at some point. Maybe it is a sign of getting older that you look back at the care free days and maybe wish you had appreciated them more then. OK I’m stopping now before I sound too old and start listening to Radio 4. Before I do though I just want to say I’m sure postage stamps were a lot more reasonable. I had to buy some stamps this week for the first time in ages and they only had a book of 12 and it cost £7.20!!! I was speechless. Anyway I’m stopping before I do sound too old.

I mentioned that for Lent I was giving up biscuits. I have to admit I’m surprised at how tough I am finding it. I know that’s the point of giving something up for Lent. It is not meant to be easy but I did think I would it ok to do. However I am struggling but I am not giving in. Not too long to go now is there.

This week I started and finished reading a beautiful book called ‘Wonder’ by R.J Palacio. It was so moving and beautifully written and I urge everyone to give it ago. I did find myself crying a number of times though. I nearly started crying while reading it on the train home which could have been embarrassing. Its one thing to cry while reading a book at home its a different thing altogether to cry while reading in public. Crying while watching a film or TV programme or reading a book is happening more and more to me. This could be because there is a lot of really good films and TV programmes and books out there that move me. Or it could be that they allow me to have a good cry while using them as an excuse while I’m actually crying for other reasons. I know I often moan/rant on my blog and it helps loads with dealing with stuff but sometimes you just need a good cry for no apparent reason. This week I have been feeling that way so have a lot of other people around me so it wasn’t right to ask for a chat with others as they have enough going on so instead I immersed myself in the book and allowed myself to have a good cry. It did some good as well. I might need to do it again sometime soon as there’s a lot going on in this head of mine.

I don’t want to end my blog this week on a sad note so instead I have some good news. I found out that I got a part in the play I auditioned for the other week. It is only a small part but I am still thrilled to be involved and looking forward to rehearsals and getting to perform in front of an audience. I need to push myself more this year and this is a great opportunity to have fun and meet new people. I’ll let you know more about how things go with the show and stuff over the next few months but I am really excited about doing this.

Well that is it for this week. Thanks again for taking the time to read it I do appreciate it honestly.

Top Programme of the Week – Dancing On The Edge

Top Song of the Week – Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

Book I Am Currently Reading – Funny Peculiar by Will Young