Hi everyone it is that time for my weekly ramblings on. It has been a week of two halves. The first half not so good but improving in the second half of the week. Anyway here is what has been happening.

On my daily commute there are two things in life that I need. They are coffee and my music. With both of these I can deal with my daily commute. When listening to my iPod I often switch between headphones. I have some in ear headphones and also some Beats headphones. The Beats headphones do attract attention some of this is good and sometimes its bad. This week I was wearing the Beats headphones all week. I went to get my coffee at the station and the barista who served me is often quite chatty and asked what I was listening to. Now my iPod is on shuffle usually and it had just finished playing a song from Wicked and had now started playing One Direction. I realised I had to answer and started to stall by saying its on shuffle while in my head I was desperately trying to think of something more respectable to tell him rather than One Direction. I responded by saying Coldplay (that’s more acceptable isn’t it?) judging by his response he wasn’t sure. He then said how he enjoys listening to music on his Beats. I’m sure he has more socially acceptable music tastes than me. At least this headphones incident was a nice one. The downside of these headphones is that it annoys other people in the same way that Audi drivers annoy other drivers and pedestrians. Beats headphones are the Audi of the headphone world. While on my way to work this week I got beeped at by a car driver who wanted to mount the pavement that I was walking on. I wasn’t walking particularly slow but I admit I was in my own world because I was listening to music and had stuff going on in my head. I was in the right because as a pedestrian I have right of way on a path not a car and it really annoyed me. Then I realised it was possibly because I had big headphones on that they felt that I should moved quicker or something. Both of these incidents happened this week. I just hope that I experience the nicer one more. I might just use the smaller headphones for a while though.

I mentioned in last weeks blog post about how I hated Monday and that things seemed to go wrong on Mondays.  It wasn’t too bad this week on Monday but I wasn’t in a great mood. This lasted for the first half of the week. I had a lot of stuff on my mind again and it was just getting me down. However a combination of a good chat with a friend who listened and a bit of cry (on my own later on) helped in a strange sort of way. I’ve been reading Will Young’s autobiography this week and he sums up how I have been feeling and how I feel others feel about it. He says he worries that his friends but him in the depressing friend draw and he doesn’t want to worry them. It was reassuring to read in his book that he has had the same doubts about himself. I have picked myself up for the later part of the week but the things are still there on my mind and won’t be resolved for a while but they will be resolved in someway.

Ok now it is time to move on to nicer things or should that camper. First of all there was the news of the UK entry for Eurovision. I had heard rumours in the last few weeks but it was confirmed this week that Bonnie Tyler would be the entry for the UK. When I heard I was quite hopeful. I’m thinking if she does something along the lines of ‘Holding Out for A Hero’ or ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ it will be great. Sadly I have now heard the song and I’m not impressed. It’s an OK song but nothing to wow an audience. Unless she is performing the song while on a unicycle with a gnome dancing around her we stand no chance. What’s that you say it’s a popularity contest oh well we won’t win then.

Staying with campness. As a gay man I have learnt that there are some stereotypes that are true and are almost compulsory.

1)Love of musicals: there is no situation on earth that can’t be improved by a show tune of jazz hand

2)Owning at least some songs by Barbara Streisand, Cher and Dolly Parton on your iPod,

3)Using your gaydar on any passing guy. I don’t mean to do it just happens honest.

4)Love Disney. This is partly because of the same reason as musicals also its magic and sparkly.

5)Watch Eurovision (I think this is compulsory)

6)Love anything to do with the Wizard of Oz. Whether it is the original film, Judy Garland, Wicked or the Return to Oz we just love it all.

I have got sidetracked sorry what I was getting to was that I have been to see Oz the Great & Powerful. This actually cover point 4 as well as 6 because it has been produced by Disney  and it is also a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. I quite enjoyed the film but I got the feeling it tried to hard to impress. The acting is great and I seriously do want a winged monkey called Finley. Sadly there are no ruby slippers and only one short song. Still it was enjoyable I’m just hoping they finally get around to making a movie version of Wicked.

I’m going to finish this blog post with an update on my role in A Midsummer Nights Dream.I mentioned that last week I had got the part in a local amateur dramatics production of A Midsummer Nights Dream. I am going to be playing Egeus and I am really looking forward to it especially as this is my favourite Shakespeare play and the first one I ever encountered way back in Junior school. We had our first read through on Saturday and went it OK. There are some fantastic actors in the show so I really need to step up to the mark and improve. I don’t want to let any of them down and more importantly don’t want to let myself down. The dates of the show are 27th-30th June and it is open air theatre so hopefully the weather will be dry at least. I will update you all on how things are going over the weeks and months to come.

Well once again that is it for another week. I’ll do it all again next weekend. thanks again for taking the time to read it.

Top Programme of the Week – Dancing On Ice

Top Song of the Week – Gabrielle Aplin – Please Don’t Say You Love Me 

Book I Am Currently Reading – Snow Falling On Cedars by David Guterson