I am so glad that this week is now over. It has been quite a week and a very stressful situation in the middle of the week didn’t help things. Anyway here is what has been going on my life this week.

The dreaded Monday actually was OK for the first time in ages. Nothing annoying happened it went OK. Maybe things are improving. Well so I thought anyway. Everything was going OK until Wednesday happened. I should have realised with it being the 13th that things weren’t going to be going well. The weather wasn’t great and my journey to station was a bit slower than normal. I get to the station and go to the cash point to get some money in. I put the card in and enter how much I wanted to withdraw. I had my headphones in but I realised it was taking a while to process. I knew there was money in my account so it wasn’t that. It then dawned on me that the ATM had frozen with my card still inside. Panic was starting inside my head. My train was about to arrive, I had not had my coffee because I needed the money out, and now it looked like I was going to lose my bankcard. I tried pressing the cancel button and nothing happened. I then pressed every button (I know this would not do anything but you just do it don’t you), still nothing. Then the screen went blank. NOoooooooooo. Don’t do this to me I was saying. There was no one to help, I noticed a sticker on the ATM that said to phone this number if there was a problem. So I phoned it while the ATM was attempting to reboot. it turns out the so-called help number was a Santander account phone line. So no help at all. While it was rebooting my train pulled in. I now had a dilemma. Get the train and abandon any hope of getting the card back or wait till the ATM rebooted and pray that it spits the card out but I would have to get a later train. I decided to go for the latter. My train pulls away and I stand waiting but nothing is happening. I decide to give in and go through the barrier to the platform. ?Just as I go through I turn to see the ATM spit out a receipt. I then try to get back through the barrier but have to show the ticket guy as the time delay won’t let me back though. I dash over and hope to see the blue of my card appearing but no nothing it finally finishes rebooting with the message ‘sorry not in use’. That is it I phone the bank to report it and they said it will be 7-10 days before I get the replacement . I’ now realise I’m not going to get it back and the reality hits me. No money means no coffee. This is bad. Theres nothing I can do though. I am already late and unless I ask the guys in Costa if they could let me have one and pay them back the next day I’m not going to get one. I don’t do this though as that would be too cheeky so I have to face the day without coffee.

So what its just one cup of coffee you say. Well yeah it is but I have got used to having a strong coffee each day. I have one coffee when I get up and another on my commute to work and that is it. I drink water during the day an d a cup of tea on a night. It isn’t a lot. I know people who drink 2-3 pots of coffee a day.  However my body has got used to it and if I don’t have my coffee by 10-10:30 then what I call my coffee headache starts. I say headache but it is more like a fog. I struggle to function and feel rubbish This is what happened on Wednesday to me. I also become even more irritable than usual. I imagine the feeling I get when I don’t have coffee is the same as what a werwolf must go through. I sent the advanced warning of no coffee via social media knowing the message would filter (see what did) through so they could prepare to avoid me. This seemed to work as most people didn’t talk to me on the morning. I’m presuming that was the reason, either that I had done something to upset them all. By the time I got to work the coffee fog had already engulfed my senses and even if I had a decent strong coffee it wouldn’t do much. I mentioned decent coffee because on top of me needing coffee I m also  quite fussy about the coffee I drink. So if it is from a coffee shop it has to be Starbucks, Costa or Nero. Anything else is no good so even when I got to work and could have had coffee there it would have been a waste because I don’t like that particular coffee. Anyway by some miracle I got through the day without getting really angry with people and I managed to get some money for the following day. I did get my new card yesterday so things are getting back to normal.

This week at work it has been buys with it being the end of term. As well as this part of the building I work in was being used to film a scene  for the TV programme George Gently. Although I didn’t see any of the cast I did get to see the changes they had made to the area they were going to film in. It is probably the closest I’ll get a film set so it was interesting to see. I will look forward t seeing how it looks on the TV later on in the year.

Well that is it for this week. I’m just quite tired at the moment, it often happens when it is the end of term. I have some time off in April so can relax a little bit then. I do need to sort some sort of holiday out for this year though. I could do with a proper relaxing break and some time to myself. Anyway thanks again for taking the time to read this blog post. So until next week, bye for now.

Top Programme of the Week – Comic Relief: Through Hell & High Water

Top Song of the Week – One Direction : One Way Or Another

Book I Am Currently Reading – Snow Falling On Cedars by David Guterson