Welcome back. Another week means another blog post. It has been a fairly quiet week again but here is what has been going on in my life for the last seven days.

A week today it is Easter Sunday. That time of the year when lambs are in the field, the days are getting lighter, everyone is buying chocolate eggs and of course that well-known Easter tradition of sledging in the snow. What is going on with the weather at the moment? I am fed of the cold weather and ice and  snow it is just not funny any more. Luckily this week where I live we have avoided really heavy snow but I know places near by have had it bad. It has tried to snow and it has certainly been very cold. I just hope we get some nicer weather soon. It just gets everyone down. Fingers crossed anyway.

This week saw the closure of Television Centre in London and I find this a bit sad. I know it wasn’t suitable for a lot of programmes that are produced now but so many people have grown up with that building on TV , especially if you watched Saturday morning television. Whether it was Going Live, Live & Kicking or Saturday Swap Shop for you older blog readers. Television Centre was the backdrop for all of these shows. As a child I grew up wanting to work for the BBC, well after getting over my Zoo Keeper phase (honestly could you see me shovelling elephant poo? I didn’t think so). Television Centre was part of the reason why I would have loved to have worked for the BBC. Obviously I went down a different career path so unless they turn it into one massive library (Ooh that’s a great idea) then it is very unlikely that I am going to work there. I know things have to change and they don’t even do Saturday morning television for children anymore. I know there is CBeebies but it surely can’t be the same as getting up early sat in front of the TV with your He-Man comic my Dad had bought at the newsagent for me while I waited for either Sarah Greene, Phillip Schofield, Gordon the Gopher, Emma Forbes, Andi Peters, John Barrowman, Zoe Ball or Jamie Theakston to entertain me for a few hours with cartoons, gunge and chaos. It wasn’t just Saturday morning television, during the week there was of course the Broom Cupboard as well. Yep I spent a lot of my childhood watching a grown man in a cupboard/closet. Now I see signs were all there early on.  While I’m rambling about children’s television I have been thinking it would be good for the BBC to re run old Jackanory’s that would be great. Anyway I have digressed enough. It is sad about Television Centre closing but change is also good, but don’t forget your past.

All of this reminiscing is making me feel old. I’m only 32 and should be living the most exciting time of my life but I am feeling older. I thought at this age I would be trendy professional always out socialising but that’s never happened I can dream though just like I did with the BBC. The feeling of getting old is best shown through radio stations. At least I call it radio and not the Wireless which would mean I am very old. Although that term now means something else now. I have realised I haven’t listened to BBC Radio 1 for a long time. How did this happen? I am aware I am not the age group for Radio 1 but still it hurts a little. I have this week tried to combat that and listen to some of the podcasts. I still like Scott Mills but can’t get away with Nick Grimshaw. He seems a nice guy but his show just doesn’t appeal. So Radio 1 isn’t appealing to me now. What next then? Well I think the next best bet is Radio 2. I don’t listen loads but it seems to fit my style the most. I’m not ready to make the leap to Radio 4 but I might dabble with the odd play. It’s not just the radio that is making me feel old. We all get to that point where we feel we are not doing as much. Friends start to have more commitments and the amount of time you spend together is less. There are less care free days or nights. Oh well as Keane famously sang “Everyone’s changing and I don’t feel the same”.

Yesterday I baked some cupcakes. Partly because I was bored but also because I hadn’t baked for a while. I am finding that baking is quite therapeutic. I think it is the sense of achievement at the end of it all. After making the cakes I tweeted it on Twitter and it turns out lots of other people were baking yesterday too. That’s one of the nice thing about Social Media we can share our everyday events.

I have realised there are a few things I need to update regular readers of the blog on.

1)First of all I have now got all of my card issues sorted and I am able to use it once again.

2) I have my first proper rehearsal for A Midsummer Night’s Dream this week. It has been a few weeks since the read through and I was getting a nervous that I had missed a date or something. However things are now starting. This is all very exciting but I am a little nervous. I will continue to update you on how things go.

3) My bucket list . I produced it last October and I have yet to cross anything off from it. I am making progress on some of them such as reading the Booker Prize winners, Oscar winner, read all the works of Charles Dickens and all being well I am going to be in a play this year. But apart from that there’s a lot to do still. I’m aware there’s a lot of stuff on there that I can’t control myself but there are some so I had better get a move on. I just wanted to update you all on how things are going/not going on this topic and to say that I haven’t forgotten about it.

If there are any other areas that I haven’t updated people on for a while please let me know.

Well that is it for another week. Thanks again for reading the blog and I’ll be back again next week full of chocolate egg to do it all over gain. Until then See you later.

Top Programme of the Week – The Challenger

Top Song of the Week – Tom Odell – Another Love

Book I Am Currently Reading – Snow Falling On Cedars by David Guterson