Happy Easter everyone. I hope you have all had a lovely Easter Sunday and enjoyed eating your Easter Eggs. I have had a nice Easter Sunday which has involved eating Easter Eggs, watching Jesus Christ Superstar and finally having biscuits again after giving them up for Lent. I didn’t think giving up biscuits would be so difficult but it was and I found myself eating more chocolate bars instead which is not a good thing.Anyway let’s get on with the real reason we are here which this blog and for me to off load what has been on mind and going on in my life in the past week.

It’s been a week of two halves again. Once again at the start of the week I wasn’t in a great mood. This was for various reasons and some of these reasons aren’t appropriate to moan about on this blog. What I can say is it left me feeling a bit isolated and a bit let down and it hit my confidence a great deal. I’m not going to go on anymore about it now as I don’t want a depressing blog post today I just wanted to say this is why the first half of the week was not a great one.

The second half of the week did improve though partly because of the rehearsal for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I might only have a small part in the show but I am enjoying meeting new and talented people. Also I love Shakespeare so spending time with like-minded people is just a pleasure. So after an 1 hour and a half of Shakespeare I felt much happier and more sociable. Also if by any chance you were worried that I would have to wear tights then worry no more I don’t have to. I’m sure you are al relieved I certainly am.

This week I went out for a meal at the Toby Carvery in town. Now I have heard of Toby Carvery before but I have never been to one until this week. Now it was OK but it’s not high standard is it. The warning sign is there when you realise you can have Carvery in a bag to take away. It’s not 5* dining is it. It was very busy and the poor staff just couldn’t cope and this meant the standards of cleanliness were low. I have slight OCD I think and cleanliness is one of the big areas for me especially when it comes to food. Things were clean but not brilliantly and this did tarnish my experience. The food was OK but nothing flash. Well it was a meal out not in a major rush to go back though.

So it is a Bank Holiday weekend but I was at work on the Friday. It was voluntary but I didn’t mind especially as the commute was so lovely. When you commute it can be a bore and a bit annoying. You see the same people (never speak though) and are often squashed on a train. Friday morning it was quiet. I managed to sit at the 4 seater with table on my journey to and from work. To get this once is amazing but to get both parts of my journey is unheard of. I also managed to get through the centre of Durham about 10 minutes quicker because there were fewer people around. It was bliss. I still have a bit of a long weekend as I’m off on Bank Holiday Monday then in a weeks time I’m off for a week for a much-needed rest and recharge.

I am going to end this post by discussing the return of the 1990’s. When did the 90’s become so popular? As I write this Ant & Dec have become Number 1 in the singles chart. Kavana was on The Voice. It’s all a bit worrying. Before we know it the curtains hairstyle will be back (dear God no, don’t let this happen),  people will start wearing Sweater Shop jumpers again along with Kangol hats and Kickers shoes. It is a very scary thought and I wonder who is to blame for this return. The 80’s I can accept the 90’s I’m trying to forget for many reasons.

Right I’m off to eat more chocolate eggs so until next week bye for now.


Top Programme of the Week – The Great British Bake Off: Easter Masterclass

Top Song of the Week – Pink – Just Give Me A Reason

Book I Am Currently Reading – This Thing Of Darkness – Harry Thompson