Hi everyone, it’s blog time again. First of all I want to apologise as in last weeks blog I hinted that there may have an extra blog post. That didn’t happen I’m afraid but the post I planned to do will hopefully be on here soon. Anyway here is what has been going on in my life and head in the last week.

Overall it has been a good week. There was a musicals theme to Monday. Some friends had recently been to see Wicked! and knowing my love of show very kindly had bought me a Wicked! mug which was a lovely surprise on Monday morning at work. Then on Monday evening I went to see The Sound of Music at the Civic Theatre. It was the latest production by Darlington Operatic Society. I have been to see their last two productions both of which were fantastic. The Sound of Music is their best yet. Beth Stobbart who played Maria was fantastic and I think it was the part she was born to play, she is surely destined for the West End sometime soon. Other stand out performances were Julian Cound as the Captain and Neil Harland as Max. Tackling such an iconic show is a big challenge and I realised watching it what a demanding role Maria must be, so even more credit to Beth for her performance to do that night after night. It’s great to see so many talented people from the town performing in such a great theatre. At a time when the arts are suffering devastating cuts its good to see good productions such as this and more importantly huge levels of support from the local community and I hope this continues.

While on the subject of local amateur dramatics I had a rehearsal this week. It was the first rehearsal we have done outside in the park and went well. It was also the first time that it really hit me that this is really happening and I’m really looking forward to performing alongside such

Midsummer Night's Dream Flyer

talented performers. I also realised that performing outside is more challenging than performing inside because you have to project your voice more and you battle with the wind and the noise of the local geese. So I have to be louder and posher (anyone want to help with this let me know) and make sure I do a military salute and not the scout salute which I did in rehearsal (old habits die-hard obviously). I said when I knew more about tickets and dates I would let  people know. I won’t be offended if people don’t want to go  but if you are interested then the dates are Thursday 27th – Saturday 29th June at 7pm and then there is a matinée performance on Sunday 30th June at 4pm. So there are 4 performances planned in total. Obviously they are weather depending. Tickets are just £5 and you can bring your own chair, picnic etc. For more details you can phone the box office on 01325 48655 or buy tickets direct from The Civic theatre, The Cornmill Ticket Office and the Dolphin Centre. Oh if you are wondering why the fairy looks like one of the land girls that’s because this production is set in the 1940’s. Right that’s my shameless plug over with for now.

This week I also got my new iPod Nano. I have been thinking about getting a new one for a while as the battery in my old one doesn’t last as long as it used to and also I needed a bigger memory capacity. So this week I finally got my new iPod and then had the task of putting all my music onto the new iPod. All the Mp3 players/iPods I have had I have all named after some literary character. My first ever mp3 player was called Mr Tumnus and my old iPod was called Dorian Gray. After some thinking I finally decided to call my new iPod Egeus as this is the role I am playing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. My iPod is one of those items that I genuinely couldn’t live without. I am able to carry thousands of tracks all different genres with me wherever I go. Without it my commute to work would be a lot more tedious and dull. It has even replaced my stereo in my room I just plug-in my little speaker and there I have it. Now this should last me for a number of years to come so it’s a good investment.

It’s nice having a long weekend this weekend. So far I have just had a relaxing time and that’s what I plan for Monday as well. I really need the rest and the sleep in.

Well that is it for this week I’ll do it all again next week and maybe that second post I hinted at last week will also appear this week. Thanks again for taking the time to read this. So until the next time bye for now.


Top Programme of the Week – Dr Who

Top Song of the Week – Sound of Music Cast – No Way To Stop It

Book I Am Currently Reading – Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman