Hi everyone,

This weeks blog is hopefully on time and of a better standard than the last one. So here goes this weeks blog post I hope you enjoy.

Someone I know describes their life by saying they have a lot of boxes open and they need packing up. I like this analogy and it certainly sums up my life . At the moment I have boxes open for the play, for work, for home, for my life generally and I’m waiting for a delivery of the box for love life which seems to be lost in the mail. So that’s a lot of boxes. open boxThe play is going ok and so far no problems for me. In fact it’s just what I need really. It’s giving me a confidence boost and when I get home from rehearsals I seem to be buzzing which is great (who would have known Shakespeare’s like caffeine). So that box is open but it’s not causing problems. The work box is ok but there’s a lot going on with it but hopefully in a few weeks time I can see that being sorted in some form. The box for my life in general is quite chaotic but the box is holding at least. This weeks things I thought were ok faltered a bit but I can fix them but I could have done with out this hassle. The box for home is quite chaotic as well. I’ll explain one of the reasons later on. This is a box I want to tidy up and pack away and then start another one for my own place. I am getting there with this but it’s taking a little longer than I hoped. So that’s a lot of open boxes and that requires multi-tasking  which not a thing guys generally can do totally successful. Maybe that delayed box is a good thing although it could also help with other stuff.

I said that the home box was quite chaotic. This is partly because I want to move out but also this week we have been getting a new kitchen installed. This obviously means upheaval. It’s unavoidable when one of the main rooms of the house is totally gutted. It’s not finished yet but hopefully by the end of the week it will. So up until this weekend most of the kitchen has been moved into the living room. Which is handy if I’m on the sofa and want something from the fridge but generally it is chaos. Now it is bad enough for us humans but for our cat who doesn’t like change it can be really strange. Now she normally sleeps in the kitchen but I thought I would be nice while this upheaval is going on let her sleep on my bed. This is fine for her but had meant that I haven’t slept as well as I normally do. This is mainly because I have to leave the door open which I am not used to doing and does disrupt my sleep. The cat (Libby) herself isn’t a problem although Saturday morning when she tried to wake me at 6am  I wasn’t impressed. The kitchen is more useable at the moment so Libby is back in there and I slept well last night with the exception for the strange noise in the attic. We don’t know what it is but during the week I heard some sort of scratching during the night in the loft above my room and Libby was also aware of it. We are going to have to get it sorted and I’ll let you know what it is when we found out. I think it’s a bird possibly a squirrel if it’s a bat then that is awesome but we will see.

This week the House of Commons voted in favour of same-sex marriage by 366-161. This is a huge step forward in making marriage equal to all. I know it divides opinion and I respect the religious views of others who don’t accept it but my opinion is that it should go ahead. stonewall equal marriageThis week coming I know of two marriages that are taking place and it clear to see that both these couples are in love and looking forward to sharing their big day with all those people who matter to them. To see couples decide to make that decision and public commitment is beautiful to see. It is about love not religion in my opinion and someones sexuality should not mean that they are not allowed to have that special day. It doesn’t devalue marriage it strengthens it by allowing more people to make this commitment. So far 13 countries in the world  allow same-sex marriages to take place and 12 states in the USA have also legalized same-sex marriage. The UK is so close in becoming of these countries. It just needs to be passed by the House of Lords. This is not guaranteed and I pray that  they vote in favour. If this is passed in the UK it will send a clear message to gay men and women that they are not outcasts in society and to young people who are questioning their sexuality it will send a message that it’s ok to be you. Growing up in the 80’s being gay was anything but promoted. although only a child I remember the scary AIDS campaign which linked this illness to gay men. AIDS can effect anyone no matter what sexuality is. It was a totally narrow-minded campaign and scared a lot of young people who as a result didn’t want to openly be themselves. It also scared an older generation by adding fuel to their dears and misunderstandings of homosexuality. Now the Government has a chance to change this attitude and right that wrong. So I want to say thank you to all those MP’s that voted yes. No matter what party you belong to I am grateful for your support. I hope the House of Lords follows with the same verdict this week. Then when they do I just hope the box with my love life in arrives on time (I am of course talking a metaphorical box and not a mail order boyfriend) and one day I too can have my special day.

Maybe it is because of all the boxes I have open but I have found that over the last few weeks I have used social media less. I have tweeted less and my blog posts have been late and the coffee review blog I have been working on is taking so long to do (I will do it honestly). I would like to think I have used social media less and interacted more with actual people but that is not the case. I am trying to change this and hopefully will tweet more this week and get the coffee review blog finished along with this blog post being completed on time.

Well that is it for this week. Hopefully this has been of a better standard that the last blog post. At the very least it is on time. So until next time bye for now. I’m off to have some food then go out to rehearsal.


Top Programme of the Week – The Graham Norton Show

Top Song of the Week – Passenger – Let Her Go

Book I Am Currently Reading – The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald